I would like to sell bread?

I would like to export and import something as a kingdom :slight_smile:

If I can interact more with you?There will be more people to play in this game for 5 hours every day

Watch, buy, sell pleasant markets that everyone opens。。。It will be fun to next IN even if you log out of the game

If you can get a market of kingdom …The number of active users will increase and it will be lively. :stuck_out_tongue:



Selling bread —> making an attack and converting bread into gold, goodies from CoF and xp.

I also wonder to have a market in kingdom in which we can deal with alliance members. I just wonder to sell gears and crystals to help other members … I didn’t mean here to sell with real money i just want to have a way to exchange game stuffs with each other.

Sell bread 1000 →(I eat bread in real, take coffee and have a break)→ :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r:Raid 3 times after 3 hours  :open_mouth: ohhhh

But! The market and the tavern have not been attacked! :wink: I can upgrade!