Iapetos Bug


The iapetos tower will sometimes do no damage when troops get hit by the fire

other times the fire will just stop once it hits the ground and not expand

please fix


Hello Detri,

Thanks for the report!

Could you please tell me approximately how many times did you encounter this issue? Also, would you know the level of the Lapetos Tower, and the name of the opponent against who it happened?


Iapetos is level 12

i am testing my own defense

my iapetos is on a loop meaning they will have to walk around the path in order to get to it. Once I get to the tower were I can attack it will shoot fire but it won’t expand. it happens almost every time

doesn’t happen as often but it also won’t do any damage sometimes. I think it’s because I revived right when it was starting to shoot fire though

thank you for quick response ?

Thanks for the additional info, appreciated!

We will have a look into it :slight_smile:

I acknowledge the error is. Very often (40% + of the time) How much fire does not expand and get stuck in one place (the radius is about 5 times less than the maximum. That is right next to the tower).


By any chance, did you stun the tower when this happened?

Nope - many times it’s just right before I reach the tower, haven’t touched it yet

Hello Detri,

Did any of your troops reach it before?

Also, does it occur since you have the tower, or only since you upgraded it to a certain level?

No troops have reached it, it works ok when I am making the loop but when I approach the tower to where I can almost attack the fire stops expanding

im not sure about the level 

i can take a video of it if you want but can’t post videos here I don’t think

If you can host the video on dropbox or a similar service, it would be great :slight_smile:

Im using 2 lapetos towers and they both arent working correctly either… theres about a quarter of the ring missing on both which is generally where u need it most. Typical

Ive also noticed on the hydra towers that they at times swivel toward ur own troops even though there are no enemy troops in that area. 

Yeah can confirm the lapetos thing.

I leveled up one since it looked good in a path i had trouble with once, but when i test it the missing part of the ring is always where I come with my heroes and troops when I am testing it myself… making it completely pointless


Did you try to rotate the Iapetos Tower? :grinning:

Yes ive tried moving it around but thats beside the point. Its suppose to be a ring of fire. Maybe my opponents will just be good sports and run into the part thats working :grinning:

There is a “safe zone” for this tower - it will not make a complete ring.

the safe zone will always be around the player that is attacking in order to give them a chance to dodge

i personally think the safe zone should just random as like you said it is far to easy to dodge 

+1 I have noticed this and it should be a complete ring of fire damage. The tower is slow to begin with…

Lapetos is broken. Well actually one of mine is working all the time, the other is not after it fires once… Like he said it just fires but doesn’t expand. That’s aside from the safe zone area… Is that intended? 


Regarding the fire ring which is not visible, it is a bug and the team is on it.

Depending on the placement of your Iapetos Tower, it might be quite difficult to dodge the fire ring even with the safe zone. I encountered a few bases with a good placement of these towers, if you could dodge one, you could hardly dodge the second one.

The safe zone does not always appear where the Hero is, especially since it has been changed over one of the last updates. 

For example, a few times I was behind a barricade, a Iapetos Tower got activated and the safe zone was nowhere for me to run, so I could not dodge the fire ring, except by running away.

Ur right, if placed correctly theyre very dangerous… ive never actually noticed that the 3 heads on top show the direction of the burst, i just assumed it was meant to be a ring. Thanks for the update :slight_smile:

It’s not just invisible - it’s not doing damage either

when the bug hits and the fire stops expanding most of the time it doesn’t do damage - rarely have i seen it do damage while being invisible 

thanks for the update ? Love this tower and want to see it shine