Ice Ice Bab...uhm Viking

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We talked internally about this. Why are the Vikings weak to ice? It was a decision back then but we are ready to look into it more closely and to revert it possibly (making them resistant to ice). We would be interested in hearing your opinion.




well since vikings live in the north cold area i think they should resist ice but fire should be a weakness as they have wooden shields and long beards/ fur clothes 

Absolutely support this. Really sick of the fact that there’s 0 counter to Fritz. If this is implemented, it will definitely bring back some depth to the game. I hope this is immediately implemented after Conquest =D

Defensive Vikings
Vikings are already very good in defense if you have both boosts. If you only have the Elite OR the Conquest boost, Vikings are still good.

The top alliances are already using Vikings in their defenses pretty effectively.


Offensive Viking

In offense they can be used effectively if you have both boosts. The Shield+Battlecry (Conquest boost) are very usefull.

The downside, from what I’ve seen, is that it requires very specific combos for Vikings to work and sometimes they’re only usefull as insta troops.

Buffing the offensive Viking would make it’s usage rate go up.



Viking’s Ice weakness is really only relevant when talking about the defensive Viking. It makes them very weak against Frosters (super popular right now) and Fritz.

Right now they have 100% ice weakness. Instead of changing it all the way to 100% ice resistance, I would suggest just removing (or reducing) the ice weakness for now and see how it goes.

When balancing, it’s always better to make smaller adjustments than bigger ones.

alright stop…collaborate and listen

a Viking’s favorite song is actually ‘Hey Baby is SKOL outside’

hip hop wasn’t invented yet

everybody knows that

Not true.

Paladin/Froster combos are still stronger than any other combos (including Fritz combos).

Your statement doesn’t correlate to mine. I am not comparing combos, I’m saying there’s no counter to fritz, regardless of whether it’s the strongest combo or not.


As to whether that’s the strongest combo or not, that’s subjective. I’m merely suggesting that there should be some form of counter to every kind of strategy to add depth to the game.

You said there were no counters and that’s just not true. There are counters and experienced Fritz users will tell you the same.


Additionaly (and this is how it correlates), it’s really not about the quantity or quality of the counters. What really matters is what you can accomplish with a specific combo.

For example, there are counters to the usual Paladin combos, but it is still one of the most effective combos out there (if not the most, actually). Your raiding videos are proof of that. Even with those counters in the game, the combo is so strong (in the hands of a skilled and experienced player) that it just works anyway.

Same thing goes for Froster combos.

If this were true, then more reason there shouldn’t be any problem implementing it, since it doesn’t really affect paladin combos, while giving an additional counter option against fritz users.


If there’s a problem with paladin combo being too powerful, then imo, it should be addressed separately by introducing even more counters to paladins.


When more counters are introduced, then bases can finally pick how they want to defend their bases properly, by either having a balanced defense or one that goes to the extreme of hard countering a specific combo.

I always saw this as something related to the shield which is the main thing about Viking, because freezing things make them brittle and easier to break, right??
Same reason why I understand his Fire weakness as well, it’s not about Viking, it’s about his shield.


Would you give him a new weakness to replace Ice or just let the Fire one?

What I’m saying is that it makes no sense to ask for more counters against weaker combos. They’re weaker already. And Fritz’s combos have plenty of counters already (enough counters to prevent them from being OP, or even the most powerfull combos in the game).

And btw, defensive Vikings are already a nice counter against Fritz’s combos (they’re probably better than they are against Paladins).


I didn’t say Paladin combos were too powerfull, I just pointed out that they were more powerfull than Fritz’s combos, even though they have more counters.

I used this as a clear cut example to argue that the amount/variety of counters to a specific combo is not relevant. What is revelant is the power ceilling of said combo, what you can achieve with that combo.

This is a very important detail.


You can throw 10 counters against combo A and no counters against combo B. If combo A is still stronger than B, it proves that the amount of counters is completely irrelevant.

I don’t know seem logic. viking have a Shield. 100% Ice weakness seem logic to me. However for the rest 50% Fire not sure. They are close naked with a wooden shield. they should be 100% Ice and Fire weakness. No Armor,no clothes,etc…Revert this to resistance make no sense sorry.They have a shield they should be 100% Resist to normal attack or at least 75% too

So 100% Ice and Fire Weakness and 75% Normal Attack Resist. this way will be more logic.

If you change this for 100% Ice Resist and 50% Fire Weakness with 50% Normal attack resist make no sense. Anyway we all know they ask but will make him resist to 100% Ice. We all know Flare have no logic in what they done since day 1. Maerique and others have create a lots of topic about few troops with no sense weakness and resist. Flare don’t listen so whatever we said. They will make Viking 100% ice resist anyway their idea was already make and this will destroy the balance in the game. End of discussion. No big surprise we all know the song since 2014

It’s sad to see that the viking has a weakness of 100% to ice damage, while the necromancer hasn’t weakness to fire damage. Moreover, the monk and the arblaster are the only units without resistances, while the froster is the only unit with ice resistance (without considering ninja, zombie and yeti).

Given so many defensive units that are weak to ice, gargs, arbs, wolves, necros and for that matter howl beast too, I wouldn’t mind Viking being resistant to ice. To be very frank, despite being used a lot, I don’t really face a challenge against them.

As Arrebimba said, Vikings are already very good, especially when boosted with either their Conquest or Elite Boost. However, it really doesn’t make any logical sense why they are weak to ice. I definitely agree that they should be resistant to ice, however, as others have pointed out, they should be weak to fire_ _because, as Vikings, they are accustomed to the cold, so…yeah

I’d say make Viking resistant to ice, but bump up its weakness to fire.


This will balance out the two less popular things in the current meta


  1. Firestorm

  2. Pyro (less popular compared to froster in the current meta)

I am for reducing Ice weakness to 50%. Remaining stats to be same. 

As most of the towers and obstacles and troops people use, that are weak to ice I suggest viking should have another weakness that is not fire and not ice.


And with mount introduction they re even weaker, because if you use fritz while riding donkey and using his ability at the same time as fritz”slide” Fritz is going to parcour twice the normal distance he does and so touching even more units weak to ice in its path.

Well Defense nowadays is ether weak to ice or fire …Why the dragon are actually really Op


lol. It’s not parkour. He’s just sliding with his tummy.


… If that’s parkour I can brag to everyone that I, too, can perform parkour =D

There are too many things that are weak to ice right now, making Fritz very good. Believe me, I like that Fritz is awesome haha, but, it just seems like there are a lot of other spells, pals, and even Guardians being left out because of this. If the Viking becomes resistant to ice and weak to fire, it’s just one step towards expanding the use of spells, pals, and guardians