Ice Ice Bab...uhm Viking

Certainly they should resist tout cold, ice or whatever comes logically with scandinavia !

In my opinion, the expensive Viking (16 unit points) is too weak,

even with Conquest Boost he is only in the defense to use.

Equipping him with ice resistance is a good start, but not the end of song …


From what I can tell, the issue with Vikings is three-fold at the moment:

  • They suck in their basic form in both Offense and Defense, which is further extrapolated when not Forged.
  • Forging them costs A LOT.
  • They suck without the Conquest Boost.

As a result, they are almost never seen in Defense Wave layouts, because un-boosted they just offer too little compared to the Werewolf’s Howl. When they are boosted, however, they’re potentially a better unit, and that is when you start seeing players use them in ther Defenses, which is after each Conquest. Obtaining the buff, though, isn’t that easy, as it requires your Alliance to score as 1st in a Conquest.

That said, I can see how you thought they should be weak to Ice at first, as I presume your initial design idea was for Vikings to somewhat replace the Werewolf unit. Thematically, however, I agree that they shouldn’t be weak to Ice (let that be Werewolves weakness). Since they have a Shield equipped, they also shouldn’t be weak to Piercing damage either. There’s enough units weak to Firestorm as it is already. They also appear to currently have no Resistance or Weakness at all (at least going by their Stats Description screen in the Troop Academy), so what could we give them?

Given you’ve boosted and then nerfed Bladestorm a while ago, Normal damage could be their weakness. Or perhaps give them Poison Weakness, so that Toxic Could would see a bit more play (no reason to use right now it unless you’re boasting a mix of high-cost Units). Alternatively, we could think of introducing new Weakness types fo the game, for example Scream Weakness, where if the Hero uses their Scream ability, they’d take x1.5 more damage from Hero’s Attacks during said Scream period.

However, I believe that isn’t the core issue with the unit, and giving (or changing) their Weakness won’t make them any better or more used, because the main issue is that they remain too weak of a Unit without any Conquest/War/Alliance/Pro boosts.

Giving them a Shield ability by default could change that, as then picking them in your Defense would be an actual strategic decision. I know I would surely drop off a few Wolves in my Defense in exchange for a couple Vikings, if it meant my Units would get Shielded as a result. And then the Conquest boost, instead of giving them a Shield ability they normally do not have, would only serve to boost it instead, as it’d already exist on Viking’s Vanilla form.

Units in Defense are usually used for 3 things:

  • Their Durability.
  • Their Attack.
  • Their Ability.

And the problem with Viking’s Forging Options is that they have one completely useless one, which is the  Attack Rate Bonus. Anyone who has played against a Conquest-Boosted Viking can tell that they CAN be a deadly unit when they unleash their Knockback Ability , and that is where the units potential lies, not in increasing their Attack Speed, because this simply IS NOT an Offensive unit by any stretch, not in its current form, anyway. That said, I think you should replace their Attack Rate Bonus with a Knockback Cooldown decrease bonus. That would surely make them a far more enticing unit to use.

it’s been a weird unit ever since it was introduced into the game. Sometimes I feel like you guys forgot that each new unit you introduce not only has to be interesting and good on its own, but also has to find a new niche to fill, as it will always compete with existing units, in this case Viking competes with Werewolf, and sadly has nothing to offer without the Alliance & Conquest boosts compared to our beloved Woofer.

That’s the direction I’d go with changing Vikings, anyway.

@AzureKnight great comment and analysis.

Double boosted Vikings are already very good in defense and they can be decent in offense (with the right combo).

I think Vikings’ usage rate would increase if the regular/unboosted version was buffed. I really liked the Shield by default suggestion.

My main problem with the Defensive Viking (and perhaps the Offensive as well), is that if they get hit by Ice Damage, which slows them down, they become extremely easy to take down. Because it takes them 2 or 3 seconds to load up their strike, with the slowdown on, they won’t get their attack off before the king and his troops kills him

How about a twist,  Give immunity to any slow, leave the extra damage from cold, but cold damage gives them a boost to move/attack/special.

Giving units a boost from a specific damage type, could be a way to improve under used units.