Ice Monster!

First of all, I’ve always felt that there weren’t enough monsters. Like, I’ve always loved the feeling of passing a dungeon, and getting an instant level-up! :wink:

Second of all, I’ve always felt that Frost damage was way underpowered. Frosters, Frost Towers, and Blizzard, are among the weakest things in each respective category. Not to mention, there’s no monster for Frost!

So, here’s my idea for an ice monster… Snowman. Yes, Snowman. Here’s what Snowman does. He’s partially a suicide attacker, like Gargoyle. Except, instead of dropping bombs, Snowman periodically detaches his bottom third of himself, and rolls it in a straight line. Each snowball, then, has its own health (Ergo, you can “melt” a rolling snowball with Hellfire). The final snowball, then, the head, will explode on contact, doing enormous damage.

There are 3 reasons why I think this would make a good monster:

  1. It fills the gap between Suicide Bomber and Attacker. Rather than either being a helpless target, or being able to afford to let the monster pass, the hero is encouraged to kill the Snowman so that he can fire off as few shots as possible, hopefully before he rolls out his exploding head.

  2. It takes away the advantage of straight-lined paths. Everyone seems to be using the same straight-lined path nowadays. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a counter to that? Since snowballs can only go in straight lines, but crash upon contact with a wall, straight-lined bases are weak against Snowman, whereas bases with variety are much safer.

  3. Having to run away from giant snowballs would add an extra unit of fun to the game. Especially if the snowballs get bigger and faster over time. Plus, when you scream to call your units back behind a curve, that scream would make sense. Because your hero would literally be screaming. In fact, you might even make the hero scream automatically.

And if you don’t want to add another monster, you could make Snowball Tower instead. We’ve been needing new towers and ice power is still heavily underpowered.

abominable snowman???

Yush. His head could be a giant Jack-O-Lantern.

I like it. Im all for more dungeons in general. It added a nice single player aspect to the game. A snowman creature would be cool too. Could also get some sort of fire breather, poison spitter, whatever. The options are endless.



Although it sounded complicated how you explained it, I like how you made it advantageous to certain base types. We once again got stuck in a ‘cookie cutter base era’ with everyone up top adopting the same design. Need to change some aspect of the game that once again adds in a bit of variety. Also, I must point out that your statement that ‘frost damage is underpowered’ isnt true. While I agree that frost towers are useless, frosters and frost sword/gloves are used by everyone who knows better

Hehe, yes, we totally need ranged monsters!~ >=D Although, that’d probably put ranged units out of business…

And yeah, Frost is used for the Slow effects. But I mean, weaknesses to frost such as Barricades, Werewolves, and Skull towers, are practically useless in that there’s no real damage to that ice •~• Unless there’s some extra slow effect that I’m not aware of.


So I realized that… Giant snowballs can’t exactly plough through barricades ô_Å Nor do I see any reason why a hunk of snow would damage a wall. Not only that, but people would avoid the advantage against straight lines by simply putting a small crease halfway down each straight line.

So, here’s my updated idea: The snowballs can jump. They’re living snow, so why not? They simply skip barricades, etc. they can also jump over path overlaps. This is mostly to take away the advantage of N paths, as having a straight-path overlap to the base, would give the Snowman a clear shot should the snowball not be destroyed.

Now, some of you may think that jumping over path overlaps is OP, but it’s really not. Assuming that the defender didn’t just place an overlap right at the beginning for ranged units to pick off Melee units, the snowball would constantly be being attacked by towers. Firebolt towers would make quick work of it. So it wouldn’t be a matter of “Hold the line! We just need Snowman to fire off a few shots!” no. Assuming that the path is defended, the snowballs would be constantly attacked, and would actually have defending towers dealing damage when they would otherwise be inactive. Not only that, but if you just put corners in your base, instead of measly little overlaps, then the snowballs crash. They can jump a little, but they still can’t change direction. So all this update would really do, is it would make the passing of barricades make more sense, and would also take away the horribly overused strategy of straight-lined path-overlaps. Because otherwise, players would just build upside down N’s and put Pyromancers in Wave 5 to pick them off. So this addition would be needed in order to give the Snowman any sort of niche.

I don’t think we need any additional ice damage


with the recent updates to the blizzard spell it is even being used in top raids


as much as I love the dungeons I would rather have more gold/gem/gear levels not another monster


if you want a new ranged unit it should just be added as a troop. especially since level 10 troop academy doesn’t unlock a troop type right now


slinger, catapult, ballista, cavalry   

Ice arblasters are coming soon!!! :wink:


I see ice horses in a future !

i think any type of cavalry would be neat!

Not completely sure about that. Basically wolves are fast as cavalry already (plus tanky like heavy cavalry), but it isn’t easy to use their full potential during a raid due to their high speed and jumping abilities. 

As we aren’t able to use their potential because of their high speed, i have an idea for developers about this: they should give a “power” only at the horse during the ride: for example i just think about at two-wheeled chariot drawn by a group of three horses or two that run long the paths and hit all enemy troops long it with persistent damage due to their clogs and due to their chariot wheels.  :grinning:  

Here’s an idea. Maybe have Snowman as an Elite Boost for Gargoyle? I personally would like a new monster for the sake of new dungeons, but if Flare doesn’t want, Gargoyle does always need an upgrade. It would keep cookie-cutter paths out of the high-level play, at least :\