Iceman_dav alliance needs you

Iceman_dav alliance is recruiting, any level, any donation - only requirement is that you are active in all events and you donate.

Beasts for you to use to defend your base - Savage Tammy (level 2), Twisted Archimedes(level 2),Primal Howl,Primal Growl,Vicious Bucky, Untamed Kaiser

We have a 29% gold bonus - earn more gold each attack 

We are active gem buyers - you will receive free chests when we buy.

We have now unlocked untamed Kaiser for you to use to defend your base


Come join us 

We now have a 25% gold bonus - join us and earn more gold per attack.

We now have the mass hysteria pro boost. Fire bolt towers are more powerful.

We currently have 10 places available for active members - join us

Twisted Archimedes is now level 2

5 alliance places left to fill

 28% gold bonus now

3 places left to fill

alliance now ranked 586

Alliance open again after winning the latest war season. Free places available now!

We have just freed up a couple of spaces 

Another war won. A few places available in our alliance now.

41 out of 42 members -1 place available. 

Alliance now level 38 - looking to recruit active members. We have spaces after removing inactive players. Come join us

Just a few places remaining now.