icloud restore not working

Hi all,

I know this has been discussed before, but I am still having problems.  I tried to log into a second account on my ipad, but when going back to my first game, the box for using the icloud saved game did not appear.  I’ve sent a request to support but it is taking quite a long time (looks like I may miss this entire war on that account).  Does anyone know what caused this or how I can keep it from happening in the future?  I don’t want to be tied to a single game on a device.  


Also, for some reason the box for selecting icloud in preferences is set to always on.  There is no way to remove the check.  This would be good I suppose if it was actually working!


Does anyone know if support are open on weekends and if I am likely to have my account restored today or if it will be as long as Monday?



Hey, not sure about your problem, as I havent had one myself. I do know that support is not working on weekends and that it usually takes them a couple of business days to process any request, so you are likely to recieve you responce some time starting Monday.

Thanks.  I figured as much.  Had to miss the war with that account even though I sent them all the info in my initial request.  They responded with an email to send them all the stuff I had just sent them 

Gotta send everything twice to be sure, lol.