I hate seeing my FB GROUPS FLOODED w/ MOSTLY FRIEND’S CODE threads, what a MESS! :angry:
Agree w/ the idea of getting those FREE UBER CHESTS by WATCHING VIDEOS!
Stop polluting internet w/ friend codes ss and dummy accounts… no more


*I’m non-native english speaker, may be other players could say it in better words, just say it here.

Moreover i wanna add what happen when we fill our friend list at the max of 20 voucher-friends? Do we have to delete voucher friends to get those Uber Chests? Do you think is this the way to treat a new player that added the code for you and then since a new uber chest popped up you have to delete him/her? How is it work?  Or then we’ll have only to spend 300 gems to open the Friend Uber Chest? 

now we have 50000 new fake accounts?

I genuinely hate the voucher system, it’s totally broken, it never worked, a huge disappointment.

  1. As Pelle mentioned, 20 voucher friend is a limit, those who have good vouchers friends cannot add new friends in order to get uber chests.

  2. I’m pretty sure the number of new accounts created in the last days hugly increased, those who have a spare device or android device on which you can easily create new accounts, I did create a few myself recently, for me and my friends, naming it dummy accounts so you, Flare, can see how dummy idea it is.

  3. Spammed facebook groups by naive players who really think they will find someone who will eneter their code (poor guys). I recently found out only players below lvl 10 can enter a friend code (!), which is very strange to me, I’ve seen zero imfromation about it, I know players who are high lvl kings but never used any code, they cannot do it now as you didn’t provide any information that you changed those rules. So I’m really curious how hundreds or thousands of players can find someone who just started playing the game and make him to enter their friend code. The only solution is to either create dummy accounts or pay 300 gems. Both options are stupid.

I totally agre as I dont want to spend 300 gems to get items and mealt it down  . and I wached jason w vidio that purchesed 5 uber chest and only get a special uber item  , that is stupid way to spend gems for a tiny chance to get special items and tiny chance to get perk you desired. and trustly, I have already created 4 dummy account and delete it after I got what i want   and sadly i just get special items from 1st uberchest you give without friencode to unlock  :slightly_frowning_face:

I think you will need to upgrade your server after a mont  . just think about  :slight_smile:  1 player created 30 dummy account a mont for chest, just compare how many active palyer you have, it should be 70% of them using this method to get the chest freely.

got 1 special uber only from 1st friend uber chest, then i didn’t get any, all melted, so wasted.
all i see now is spams everywhere at fb groups.
developer should take responsible about this, make free friend uber chests more eligible for all plyrs.
by watching videos? or other better approach, rather than forcing plyrs to get it by sharing codes (remember: daily spams to get shitty items? so not worth it)

I want an opt out option. I don’t want to see that uber chest ‘offer’ at all, since I am not interested in them.

I am not willing to spam friends for this uber chest, so why bother me with it?

I will let the storm pass. Then you get the hang of it. I posted few times in the Voucher thread. Guess that’s the last of it. Not interested anymore, 

It’s literally begging and playing cheap tactics just for those chests. No wonder, FG flopped with Uber Chest. Hope the war ones are not after the legendary chests?

And the daily log in ones does not have a gem condition. 


So, a dummy account entered my code, I didn’t get my chest, I got mad with this “offer” so I’m not interested anymore, I let it expire, 2 secs after… The offer is there again!


I don’t want that dumb chest to be there all the time, where do I turn those chests off? I only wanna see the chests that I actually have…

Haha, can understand this works on someones temper. I added emiticons to reflect my thoughts when I read it. 


Let the chest expire and almost direct came a new offer. At the moment I just ignore the uber chest and try to avoid it while opening others. I know already that I will click the 300 gems button by accident in a nearby future for sure. Byebye gems, cross my fingers plus hope to find some good items. I opened one already and had good melting down material I must admit. Can’t expect good stuff all the time.

I would like to have a checkbox similar to turning friend requests and invitations on or off. 

[funmode ")] Or a trashcan where we can dump that chest into and see the garbage truck come pick it up. [/funmode ")]

The offer still showed up till now, daily?
Flood of fake emails, flood of fake facebook accounts… please think again flare! make a better approach.
FG can give those free uber chests for all players for free (watch video/just give it away no hassle), daily or weekly.
Don’t use this share friend’s code method, this will create spams everywhere… FG please be responsible

They can better make missions for recess period. When you complete a mission give pearls or something as reward. Complete all missions and get an uber as reward. At least you don’t get a lot of fake accounts and keep players playing the game.



It’s obvious it’s a disaster they are created!  Players are creating hundreds of fake accounts just to get the Uber chests!  But, they aren’t going to give away Uber Chests when the are already giving away Legendary Chests for videos.

I agree it’s a sure way to make the game inflate it’s user base! I created those dummy accounts for opening these uber chests. Deleted every google account afterwards, I checked on some of those baby accounts, and what do you know they are all active! :slight_smile: Niiiice :slight_smile:

And half of them are mine!  :wink: