Idea - Alliance raid

Alliances would be able to conduct cooperative raids on another alliance at anytime. For a short time, members of the raiding alliance will be able to fight players of the defending alliance in an attempt to steal from the defending allaince’s treasury. Attackers are limited to just one attack each and the amount gained in a battle would be the same amount as they’d get in a normal fight, the amount won would be added to the attacking alliance’s treasury. But, a raid is not without risk, for the defending alliance is allowed to fight back under the same rules, meaning you could potentially lose more than you gain. 

It balances itself out pretty well using the in-place rules. Go after weak players only and you’ll barely gain anything, while risking being counterattacked. There’s incentive to go after tougher allainces with tougher players, because the reward is greater, and their potential to get the money back is lowered by attacking weaker players. Just don’t lose your battles. 

Other positive effects:

  • can create rivalries, makes for more fun gameplay

  • infiltration will become quite lucrative, a few spies on hand will be valuable to an alliance and opens up new ways to play for players, especially those that don’t want to stick in a single alliance too long

  • you could gang up on an alliance and try to keep their coffers low, but they may bring friends to fight back. Battle royale!

  • more to do outside wars, more reasons to be active. 

  • could get groups of alliances together for raiding, great for interaction with players outside your alliance (the game badly needs more of that imo)

  • alliance towers would be more important than ever. Players could decide to drop a few gems to win their only battle. Good for flare (rivalries will make spending even more desirable)

  • new item perks could be made to augment raiding prowess. 

  • shouldn’t be too difficult to code/implement. No/few new assets are needed. 

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tl;dr: Surprise attacks! Spies! Teamwork! Flying spaghetti monsters! …maybe not the last one, just go read it