Idea for an update

Hey all!

It would be nice when you can use the wall for a better defence!

I mean it would be cool when you can build up defence towers on the wall or maybe a platform for new defence troops!

Where archers can shoot from the right and the left side to the enemys!

And you can build a balist or cannons or something else for defence on the platforms!

And it would be cool when the King fights inmthe defence to with his troops! When everything is dead i fights and stands alone till he die!!

I think the game needs a update like this soon!

Have fun and play fair!


A dragon would be nice too:)

Nice idea. I like this.


Keep a structure near to path and place units in it. If you upgrade that wall you can keep more units in it.


Like Archers shooting, frosters throwing ice, pyromancers throwing fire, Arablasters shooting


At higher level of wall Ogres beat enemy units with its claw.


 Need multiple structures each with its own range and strengths and weakness.


I have seen these type in Army of Dark Defence game.

Like this! Battle of middle earth!

Interesting one but need something offensive to counter this too as it is clearly favoring the defence only 

Maybe Siegetowers or Ladders!?

It would be cool when you can build up a wall outside frome the city, with gates an towers!

I like the idea, the problem is that defense is already too hard, as Nami said, we’d need something on the offense to fight this…

You mean things like this?

It could be, I guess their main function in the game would be to fight back all that you mentioned on your suggestion.

Don’t you think guys that the Doom Gate when activated do enough of damage to troops and king, i think adding also thins thing could create only incoveniences to destroy a single base.

We just collect ideas:) but i need a update soon! I want new buildings or something! I get very bored!

Very nice idea of defending your kingdom.

Could be implemented successfully during the seasons.

Flare definitely needs to develop and do an upgrade with something new and interesting for the top players.

These ladies and gents have spent time and lots of money on this game. Do you want to lose them due to boredom ?

I can imagine nothing worse then logging in every day with nothing to upgrade, no dungeons to unlock and fighting the same people over and over again in alliance wars.

The only thing keeping them in the game will be the friends they have made.

A moat would be good to build around the castle and maybe a drawbridge.

What about horse troops ?

Cool and good idea! Wow horse troops:)

It would be great when flaregames put this things in the game!

There are so many Greek mythical creatures, anyone would be good, unicorn, boar, griffin, sphinx etc.

And a Queen,or lady avatar PLEASE !