Idea for RR2 (Bogs and Swamps)

Hi Jona and the RR2 community


I have fallen in love with this game, however, I do want to make it even better. I have worked previously as a games tester and developer.


Adding a new trap type “Bogs/Swamp†(contrast with spikes)

“_Description bog and swamps deals poison damage when the hero steps into the trap. The bog or swamp slows down the hero, however it has not effect on the levitating units_â€


Deals poison damage 100%

Deals slow damage 100%

Resistance to fire 90%

Resistance to poison 100%

Weakness: Ice 100%




XP hero items

Pretty self explanatory, for kings who want to level up more quickly.


What does the RR2 community think?



If theres an exp boost itema it’ll be my most hated items hahaha but I do like the new trap idea as current spikes seems useless higher up the board

bogs and swamps sounds friggin super cool. but we still need a dragon!!

@Fii Nami


I don’t understand why many people hate XP in this game.


I love XP, it boosts your hero’s baseline stats (HP) which make it easier to get through other kings bases. Levelling up also appears to allow you to get better items from the granny shop to defeat other kings.


Granted, levelling up costs more food for raids, however, this is a tap defence game. Building a strong defence slowly is the best way to get up the leader board.


Happy to steal you XP from you.

because I’m a Windows user , we don’t get tapjoy offer or free food so we must try amd upgrade troops , spells and towers before food gets too expensive and thus make it evem harder than before to progress

i dont even use spikes, the’re useless. my path is full of blockades.

realy? maxisle  in noticed one day I was looting that maxed spikes are friggin hard to take out and if you put them in a row they really weaken or kill  the attackers. I do love blockades as they limit your majic attacks .reply

love the swamp idea id support that by far tho for balance frosters would be the key to attacking them,



Thanks, I just think there needs to be another trap in the game. One trap is not enough and the use of blockades only seems to be one dimensional. The Bog/Swamp idea is to stop higher level Kings from soloing bases and leaving their troops behind to clean up towers. I think the Bog/Swamp should be effective on wheeled units like cannons and mortars to stop them in their tracks. In elite raids you see Kings soloing base to the castle gate and then spawning cannons/pyros to clean up the mess left behind.

I think kings and their units should work closer together to go through a base.

Just an idea.

High level bases this can’t happen unless the troops are speeded up dramatically, currently the hero has to go ahead to clear a path, moving at troop speed he would not be able to do this and reach the base in time to destroy it especially as now its takes at least two SB’s to take it down. 

what about infernos?