Idea for Version 4.1.0-5.0.

Many of you fight and do your stuffs at level 120+ in top because you play for already 3 years maybe 4 years. So no one can see the problem happen in lower,mid and high level. After the version 3.0.0

I have restart and i am well placed to speak about it. I really want to help new players, to stay and love play RR2 and grow up until Level 100 or 120 or 130. Anyway I love waste my time to help make RR2 better. So this topic will give idea and how to solve some problem

1.The Add of Pal in 3.0.0 have broke the game

After the 3.0 I was not able to see the problem in low range because I was already at level 105 at this moment

Since I have restarted I can see Pal destroy the gameplay totally in RR2. they are cute, they are fun but broke the game

I explain. you start the game and when you find Tammy its over you are automatically overpowering and defender have no chance to survive. Just level up hammerstrike and Firestorm and forge them at +15 and bingo. You can soloing every base alone same base totally full boosted same with Pro boost


Add a new tower after Bomb tower. Something who will protect low player of level 10-30. let me think…a Flame Tower. A tower when you are in the eye of sight can throw a wall of Flame each 5 seconds. this will force player to play with units and no more soloing base. same the heal will barely save you. Soloing base is cool but not fun for the defender who lose gold and trophy. the Frost Tower are good but not enough before level 15. Bomb tower are only good if you level them at level 9 and forge the range at +10 on a opposite path. So players cannot have a decent base before level 70 if they invest huge gold in it

2.Players Protection

I see it many don’t like to be attacked 10,20,30,40,60 times a day. They lose money,trophy and over time they lose all the fun and the momemtum of this game and stop to play and become inactives forever


Drop the 3 attack per hour by 3 attack maximum per 12 hours. Its gonna be less critical like this. And if RR2 Team can add like many games do to protect low player. A auto shield who protect all for 1 week. Each time they suffer let’s say 20 attack, a auto shield protect all of their gold at 100% for 1 week. This system should be for Level 1-20. After 20 the players should be enough capable of know how to protect gold and trophy. Can be maybe Level 1-30


the problem with donation is many don’t give them or don’t know the importance of the donation


Like we have suggest in the past. Add a option in settings for the one who want to use a Auto-Donation. You agree that the game take the gold and auto donate. This will solve a part of the problem. Everyone who work, or all student who go at school. Will love this. I suggest too to do maybe a more developped tutorial for the donation and explain to new players why its so important to up his Alliance Tower. Olympus Rising have the same problem. Players don’t improve their Alliance Tower and the result is the donation is low. So to counter this some have to pay some money to up their Alliance Tower to max them or up it at 500k,750k,etc…

Not really fun when you see a Level 100 have 10k donation or a level 90 have 1K donation and be a part of alliance

  1. Hero Items Space

ok its cool with dungeon : "Cave of Grave Goods’’ who give +1 when full you can be at 35 or 36. Ok that help but the problem is new players don’t know this tricks because its a hidden trick. So many new player waste their chance to gain extra space because maybe they find video late. The problem come later when you gain Uber. too much Uber and with Pro items. The space lack with all the set and all


I have up at 84 in previous account but that I have take me over 2 years. I spend over 10k gems if no more with 50% price reduce. Horrible. Olympus Rising cost 5 gems for each hero item after like +50 that up at 10 and after 30,etc… RR2 should drop the price maximum at 200. With 50% price reduction at 100 gems that make sense. Flare up the chance to keep new players. who like to have huge space? I think everyone. Same if the majority can spend money. i don’t think we should spend money in Hero items space. This feature should be more accessible for everyone and more easy to up. Not too much to up at 200,300,etc… enough easy to up at 100. 200 gems seem fair enough

5.Fuse Items

the problem in the game is you obtain the same Uber again and again and again over 10 times or more


This feature should be unlocked at Level 60. Uber at level 10-40 have really low stats. If you offer this for lower will make them too much strong. Same if the stats is low. So at low level Uber are close useless not totally but close. I would say maybe around level 60. I think that make sense. By example i got Tourney Plate like 4 times in a row. if we have got a fuse system I should have take my 3 older one and combine to my last one to form a Tourney Plate with more stats. Example you have 4,700 in one and 2 with 5,600 and you last at 7,256 with 14% XP. You fuse them with 7,256 HP and 16% XP and that become a Tourney Plate with 9,450 HP with 19,5% XP. Can be cool to have this option. Bring more fun in game

6.Better Communication

exactly the main problem of this game is there is no private message or better way to communicate in the game without pass by friendzone. No real interaction between players


Include in the game a global chat. to allow everyone to communicate between them. More fun to attract new players. Also add a private chat. More easy to communicate with someone if you have something to ask without pass by the friendzone. Global chat and private chat should be something useful in the game

7.Nationality show in Player info

The main problem is the majority of people want to be with their people but cannot


Add the country flags in Player info. this way you will allow players to regroup if they want. by example india with india people who can form india alliance. Also the same for americains who want to form americains alliance. Canadians who want to form Canadians and so on…Myself maybe I would be interested to find my own people

8.Worker Multi task

The problem with worker is the majority can have 5,6 or 10 workers but 50% of them do nothing


Like in a game similar to Cloud Raider. I have forget the name. You can use worker to remove rock or tree and some of them can give 1 gem,gold or why not food. this way we will have more interaction in the game and this will up the fun in game. Imagine you have 10 worker all free and all maxed. You need food,gold and your gems is low. Ok The kingdom have full Tree,bad herb,Gold Rock and more. Depending of the size of the Tree,rock or herb, Can take 5 minutes,15 min,1 hour or 5 hours for remove stuffs and gain some rewards

Little tree : 100 gold or 10 food (5 minute)

Medium tree : 500 gold or 20 foods (15 minutes)

big tree : 1000 gold or 50 foods (1 hour)

huge tree : 5000 gold or 100 foods (5 hours)

normal small rock : 100 gold or 1 gem (5 minute)

medium rock : 500 gold or 1 gem (15 minutes)

big rock : 1000 gold or 2 gems (1 hour)

huge rock : 5000 gold or 3 gems (5 hours)

small gold rock : 1000 gold (5 minutes)

medium gold rock : 5000 gold (15 minutes)

big gold rock : 50000 gold (1 hour)

huge gold rock : 500,000 gold (12 hours)

Here you will need to find in a Uber Chest or in Granny Shop for 25 gems each a diamond Pick Axe. you can stack them. Who will allow your worker to dig Diamond rock. Be careful Pick Axe can broke during dig

Here can be maybe like 2% chance they appear on your map in your kingdom somewhere

small diamond rock (100% success) : 30 gems (15 minutes) Take 1 Pick Axe

medium diamond rock (75% success): 50 gems (1 hour) Can take 2 Pick Axe

big diamond rock (50% success) : 100 gems (5 hours) Can take 2 Pick Axe

huge diamond rock (25% success) 200 gems (24 hours) Can take 4 Pick Axe or more

small herb : 5 foods (5 minutes)

medum herb : 15 foods ( 15 minutes)

big herb : 50 foods (1 hour)

huge herb : 100 foods ( 5 hours)

Not sure if everyone will like this one. But I think if Worker can dig randoms stuffs on Kingdom who will give you small rewards. A little help and this will add more fun in RR2

PS : No Flare that will not hurt your income. This will boost your income. The Diamond Pick Axe can appear only 1 time on 2 week by example. So the player must check regularity the Granny Shop. for the Uber you need to wait too like 2 weeks each Ninja Event to gain Uber Chest. You can have like 5% chance to obtain the Pick Axe. So enough rare in Uber Chest. 25 Gems each in Granny. So if someone want more and don’t have the gems at the moment they appear in shop. Player can buy a small package of gems and buy it

9.Mini Games

Personaly this will make me play more and liked more the games


can be like a Daily Quest. The Monday can be a fishing games. Each Fish can earn you between 5 foods and 100 foods. Depending of the size of the fish. tuesdays can be a Wave Defense. You start with spells level 1 and stuffs level 1. In a Battlefield Arena you defeat troops level 1 and gain XP and Gold and after level 2,3,4 and so on. Later boosted one,etc…Your can keep the gold or use it to improve your Wave Defense mini games set. More you invest gold and more you will face powerful waves at the end that will give more XP and more gold. The result will be converted in rewards. by example +500,000 XP and 2 Millions Gold if you have do a really good performance in 24 hours. If you have do a worst one you can receive like 50,000 XP and 70,000 Gold. Wednesday something else,Thursday something else,Friday something else. Saturday something else. Sunday something else. Monday the fishing mini game is back, Tuesday the Waves Defense is back and so on…

10.Co-op Raid

Trust me if you add something huge like this in the game. Probably I will be the one who will spend money in the game and start invest money in the game to find powerful gears


wow imagine 10 seconds you can in your alliance do raid in co-op with your teammate. By example you join a Adventures map and the first level 1 demand to do it with 3 players. So you demand the help of 2 teammate who are online and 3 king at the same time on a map in a dungeon of maybe 60 path long or more. You move and must destroy towers,waves and boss. Each level give rewards. Level 2 can demand 4 players. Level 20 demand 10 players. you can choose normal,medium,hard,very hard. If you chose very hard by example at level 1 you must be a King level 105 with full Ubers and spell at level 10+ forged at +10. If you do level 10 at very hard will demand a King Level 110 with spells level 12+ forged at +20 and so on…If you die during the Dungeon co-op in adventures map. Your partner can decide to spend their own gems to resurrect you. So don’t try to die much lol

this will be so awesome. You will bring 100k,200k, 500k players in few month.Guaranteed

11.One Man Army Cup Dash Ability

I just have do the Pro League on my ipad and I love it. I have no clue which items give that but I loved it so much. 91% speed you feel like Sonic the hedgehog when you keep your finger on the screen


Add a perk on a boots call : Dash Perk. No pourcentage just a perk who will allow us to run super sonic like in the One man army Cup. the boots can have a name like : Dash Boot. Who will offer 35% speed boost with the Dash Perk. You will say? too much OP? No problem I have think about it. Give it like a Pro items but like 2% chance to obtain it in a Pro chest. So maybe can take 10 Pro chest,20,50 or 100 who know. Maybe via a special offer at 5.99$. its up to you to decide how you can introduce this in the game. Of course available at level 120+

12.Troops Second Ability Attack

Many game have troops with second ability and of course Olympus Rising. this will make the game more fun and I am sure people will love it. by example take from OR. The Minotaur attack with his paw but can run and charge unit or tower. The spearman when the unit is close dead he do a final blow. Siren when unit are too much close of them, scream and push back units with a shockwave

In other word do like the Werewolf,Monk and Necromancer but for the others


list of Ability :

Knight : by default he strike with his sword. Ability : Double swing sword. so sometime the knight will do a double swing attack

Paladin : by default he strike with his hammer. Ability : Run and charge with his shield to push back ennemy.

Archer : by default he shoot arrow. Ability : Have 50% chance to do a critical hit

Froster : by default he shoot Ice ball.Ability : His ball froze the target for 2 second

Pyromancer : by defaul he shoot a Fire ball. Ability : Burn and desintegrate them in dust

Ogre : by default he strike with his club. Ability : Jump and when he landed on the ground create a shockwave who damage all around of his range like 1.5-2.0 range

Mummy : Ok (Instant)

Werewolf : OK (Howl)

Gargoyle : by default he suicide himself.Ability : Stop and throw the bomb far away with a range of 3.0

Arblaster : by default he shoot with his crossbow.Ability : Scream and improve damage of himself and Archer

Mortar : by default he shoot with his poison ball.Ability : His poison ball are split in many mini poison ball. Like 5 mini poison ball

Monk : OK (Heal)

Necromancer : Ok (Skeleton)

Viking : No clue never see it much

If there is a another unit like

Dark Wizard (12 Morale) : by default he cast magic and fear enemy around.Ability : Cast a black hole randomly on the ground for 2 seconds

Orc (5 Morale) : by default he stike with his double Axe.Ability : Throw his axe

Cerberus (16 Morale) : by default strike his triple head.Ability : Multi target

Efreet (6 Morale) : by default strike with his flame.Ability : huge Flame attack

Djinn (6 Morale) : by default strike with his lightning attack.Ability : Cast a thunderstorm who cast lightning for 5 seconds

Unicorn (12 Morale) : by default strike with his horn.Ability : Can Jump other side of the path and attack

Centaur (12 Morale) : by default strike with his lance.Ability : Jump and Attack

Hellknight (12 Morale) : by defaut strike with his sword.Ability : Resurrection your troops

Druid (12 Morale) : by default strike with his stick.Ability : Cast random animal : Bear,snake,wolf,etc…

Horseman (16 Morale) : by default strike with his lance on a horse. Ability : Run and do a critical hit

Pirate (4 Morale) : by default strike with his sword.Ability : 25% success raid rob +5000 gold to the defender 50% raid rob +10000 to the defender. 75% raid rob +20000 gold and 100% +30000

                                 the ability don’t stack just use 1 Pirate is enough to give the ability







Some small quips:

The average age for a gamer is ~35. That’s probably true for mobile games as well, so statistically, new players are probably aged between 25-45. 

Secondly, you wanted to make the early game easier, but then suggested fusing items. Based on the example you had, that would make attackers quite powerful, especially in the early game where having powerful items is more important than the nuance of strategy. I think you should rethink that part.

Thanks i take note. I will change it

New contain and new stuffs are great but I think RR2 team should invest time for low players and new players. So if some of you have some great idea to help new players in the game. I will add it in the list.

I think they should start with making it easier to communicate with players. Make it so you can message players without friending them, add a message button on everyone’s page so you don’t have to remember their name, type it in (if it’s even typable), etc. It’s really annoying the way it is now. Interaction and the ability to easily make friends (and mentors) is a great way to ensure players stay. Actually I think it’s the most important aspect of a mobile MMO. I might have stayed with the game longer if had the ability to make friends outside of my alliance and this forum.

Unlocking at level 60 is fine, gives players something to look forward to without being just another thing thrown at them at the beginning of the game.


List updated

I like the new ones. I’m not for a global chat though, in all of the games I’ve seen that have them it devolves into immaturity/ profanity/ general internet-ness pretty quickly. 

Instead you could have walls. Alliances have walls where others can post, players have walls where they and others can post (and players can sticky posts on their own walls). Generals of alliances get the sticky power too on their own wall.  Also, players can mark posts on a wall as public or private. In another game I played, I enjoyed just reading random conversations on the walls of other players. Nobody minded since nothing there was private anyway, they’d take it to another app if it were. Also, the messages stayed around forever; I still had my first comment with another player that joined with me from 5 years prior to quitting the game. Players could talk to each other during events too, such as in wars or the leagues. All that, and move the forum in game where more players will see it and post things. It would be amazing to have that but I think the UI will have to change substantially to accommodate…

I like most of your suggestions…

I love these:

Especially fusing items!

A post I made about that two years ago gained a little momentum, but then petered out…


Big problem with your Auto-Donate idea. This would make players who mainly just get on to donate not be active at all. I do hate accidentally missing donations, and it would be useful for vacations, but I’d rather just stick with the way it is now, which means having players who want to donate, have to get online, and maybe end up doing an attack or two. Nobody likes a player who isn’t active

well honestly you have the same problem with no auto donation. The majority don’t come more often. I see it in OR and majority come 2 minutes and leave. Just donate and leave. for me its close the same. On my ipad I play with a alliance its the inverse. they do their war but its all. No donation. so its really hard to find a proper solution I guess. I admit this one…not sure

thanks to ruslanlug to remember me those idea.

1.Fix the size of the Queen. On Windows PC no need to see a Queen big like GodZilla on all the screen. A normal size can do it too.So reduce the size of maybe 50%. Anyway she hide the quest. Move her too on the left

2.Also at the same time please improve the quality texture on Windows. Look the girl. We don’t have anymore old 90’s PC 486 with 32 MB of ram and GPU or 8 MB lol. We have Windows 10 with over 6,8,12 GB+ of ram and the majority have a graphic card of 4 GB+. so don’t fear to throw graphic on PC. Improve the Windows version. Its a mobile port we know it but a little more polished and improved will make us bleed less in eyes. its a pain to look at this horrible texture. A windows game should not be pixelixed at this point


I like your suggestion, but…

How about removing the queen completely?

I know this may be interesting for new players (in both age and game experience), but after sometime she gets annoying.

I would just love if they could remove her completely, or make a setting to disable her from appearing everytime with those “Hi, I’m Flare and I think these messages are funny”.

Nope, just nope Flare.

PS: I don’t event mind if the setting is hard to reach, just make it possible to remove her from my screen please.

I agree Flare should remove her totally. More annoying than useful

Something I hope to see in a future. We have suggest it in the past. About Pro League tickets. I totally forget to collect mine. I have lost many weeks. Its just by pure hazard I have check my Pro League stuffs and see Collect. So like the donation. The emblem should flash when its time to collect

About global chat.

While it’s a much needed thing that many (myself included) have been asking for for ages now, it would require a complete rewrite of the game’s communication and data systems. Here’s why.

When I’m in alliance chat, whenever someone connects or disconnects the game basically freezes for 2-3 seconds while it updates things and gives that “so-and-so (dis)connected” line (which, btw should disappear after a few seconds because in bigger alliances these flood chat instantly). It’s similar to when you search/access players and it needs to load things. It’s not just lag, the whole game stops responding while it communicates with the server, which seems like it’s not all that well written. Now imagine this for not 30 but 3000 players being involved. The game would basically die when you’d go in chat mode.

I hear it doesn’t happen to everyone and it’s my connection’s fault, but in other games with larger chats this works fine, at least not this badly. And I shouldn’t need a 400 Mbps connection to transfer a kilobyte of data in real time, it’s portable text messaging, not 4k video, for flare’s sake.

@JiggleFizziks I hate to be that person (again) but… I think it might be you lol. I’ve never seen it happen nor heard anyone mention that happening to them. What device are you using and what’s your connection speed? 

If they were going to implement a global chat, which I still don’t think is a good idea, they could offload it to a background thread. Even low end phones have 4+ cores so they may as well use them.

The problem in RR2 is the server is too small. RR2 Team seem not very fast to understand that. You remember the server breakdown. yesterday in Olympus Rising we got a huge bugs in War and got later problem of disconnection. What the developer have do to fix this in just few hours? not 4 days like in RR2. Expand the size of the server. Now the server of OR is bigger to allow more players to be connected at same time.

Its that RR2 need and its a long time I try to wake up Flare on this but without success :frowning:

At same time a bigger server will fix the problem of chat

Apparently it is me, but I can’t think of anything that would justify the slowness of server access. I may have a low end phone (lumia 435, may have mentioned earlier) but it handles the game just fine, at least until there’s like 80 units on screen at the same time. Connection speed is ~13 Mbit and I live next to Germany so unless flare’s servers are in the Antartic there should be no connection distance issues. Pirates of Everseas global chats work fine, Dragon’s Breath 2’s global chats work fine, Storm of Wars chats work fine (well, mostly) but RR2 drags like it’s playing a HD video conference. So even if I am at fault, I can’t be the only one since it’s only here that it’s most apparent.

Interestingly enough, everything is smooth like butter if chat is hidden, things clog up only when the chat window is brought up. Go figure.

If I were to guess I would say you’re a victim of flare’s dropping of support for windows phones. Is it windows 8.1m or 10?

8.1. But the issue has been like that since I started and the OS wasn’t as completely dead back then as it is now. I dunno.