Idea for Version 4.1.0-5.0.

You need a new phone bro, 8.1 has been dead for years and flare probably stopped supporting it before you joined if they ever really “supported” windows mobile OS to begin with, beyond making sure that it works

A lots of stuffs can be added to version 4.1.0 to version 5.0 but apparently they have a cycle and added 2 or 3 years later or forgotten :slightly_frowning_face:

Interesting I read all page to see what suggested in the past :

1.Defense Layout October 24th 2014 = Not in the game after 3 years and half . Very high demand

2.Market or Trading items November 6th 2014 = Not in the game after 3 years and half. With a poll where over 63% was for it.Very high demand

  1. Unequipped scrolls October 29th 2014 = Not in the game after 3 years and half.Asked many time

4.Interesting Complain about Alliance tower price to lower the price. Never be done.Never be reduced

5.Facial Customization November 19th 2014 = added 3 years later with 3.8.0

6.Color text change December 4th 2014 = Not in the game same after 3 years and half

7.Interesting Patch Note of update in the game December 12th 2014 = Not in the game after 3 years and half

8.Troop Colorization December 11th 2014 = Not in game after 3 years and half

9.Multi Waves upgrades at same time December 7th 2014 = Not in game after 3 years and half same if close 90% was for it

10.Controller Support December 22th 2014 = Not in game after 3 years and half same if a lots have ask for it

11.Coop Gameplay February 13th 2015 = Not in the game after 3 years and half same if this feature will save the game from dying prematury

12.interesting Pals April 22th 2015 = Added 2 years later in version 3.0.0

13.Terrains interaction : Rivers,Laser,side effect of each landscape May 1st 2015 = Not in the game same after 3 years

14.Chat improvement March 25th 2015 = added and change 2 years later in version 3.1.0 or around

15.Advanced Search May 15th 2015 = Improved 2 years later

16.Auto Donation June 29th 2015 = Not in the game same 3 years and half later

17.Skill Tree August 31th 2015 = Not in the game same after close 3 years. (Interesting my idea was suggested in the past)

18.Attack Replay September 15th 2015 = Not in the game after close 3 years.Asked many times

19.Custum Keyboard Key December 9th 2015 = Not in game after 2 years and half. Ask many times

20.Ask for a priest January 8th 2016 = Flare have add however a Monk in 2.0.0

(on working process I read all topic one by one. i will continue later)


Wow. Its a good thing. I came to know it here. Its still better for me because i didn’t used to fight caves unless I Needed them to progress down the dungeon.

Are there other hidden tricks that can be useful? 

You have this not mentionated ingame and are hidden :

1.Cave of Grave goods when full give +1 each

2.The Grey House when you collect your daily reward at same time you click like 20-30 time on the grey house to gain 1 Gem/day

3.No tutorial explain it but if one day you have only 10k,20k in matchmaking its because you are too much powerful for your range. So you must up in trophy until the game give you again 450k,600k and more. A kind of way to auto protect low player

  1. Nothing explain well the spell how they work. Many didn’t know this specifically new player. You have instant spell like hammerstrike,Blizzard,Swordrain,Shield,Black Magic,Pal Flute who work on the moment and you have Touch and Go spells that means you can cast it and leave like : Toxic Cloud,Firestorm,Heal,Blade Storm,Sonic Blast

by example you are in a corner with 3 Firebolt Tower just cast Firestorm and leave. You face by example Kaiser beast cast Sonic Blast or Toxic Cloud and leave the spell will do damage over time

5.Probably its too late but during tutorial only equip the left scroll and don’t add the right one. This way you avoid the missclick in the upper right corner.

6.About pack you can buy for free many pack in the game. Of course is hidden. Flare will not tell you this. If you keep you gems below 500 and keep all your gems quest. Wait a Worker package appear or else and at this moment you collect all your gems and do all gems dungeon to buy them. All depend of your luck however. I got a worker package when I have 420 and not enough gems to reach 500. So try to complete the most quest at the beginning of the game. You have 1 week if I remember before the worker package appear.So hope you don’t spend gems during the tutorial

Fast like that its the 6 thing who come in my mind. Its possible there is other tricks hidden


Great ?

My Brother tried 6th one once but as far as I remember package jumped to 750 gems ?


No need to click so many times, just wait a second or two between clicks so that the house “squeaks” when you click it. After 10 of those you’ll get your daily 1 gem. :slight_smile:

I just test it and that work 10 click only but the time you wait between them take a eternity. I prefer click 30 times in a row more shorter

Oh, the eternal question:

To click or not to click faster… that’s the question!

If I can remember what I have dream the others night…

oh yeah i remember to able to use the Queen and have like 10 more new spells

King : Hammerstrike,Firestorm,Blade Storm,etc…

Queen : Earthquake,Meteor,Black Hole,Lightning Strike,etc…

when you enter the game you choose which one you want to continue.

if you have by example 780 gems and 5 millions gold with the King you continue this way. If you have your full list of upgrades full than you continue to level up your stuffs

when you choose the Queen if you have 1,600 gems and 12 millions gold your account continue this way.

Maybe too much complex to implement this? I don’t know

Can Flare can give some feedback of what its possible to do and what they cannot do. thanks

Why not add like Donkey Kong tropical Freeze on Nintendo Switch with Funky Mode. Granny Mode?

You can use Granny to attack. She have Kaiser like pal. she can have special spell power like :

Scream : Fear the enemy around

Stick Strike : give stick strike to ennemy in multiple reprise

and so on…

I will have fun to play with Granny :slight_smile:


something who can be bring really huge fun to the game with the entire community same GalaMorgane why not. A cooperative dungeon challenge

You can team up with everyone in the community. in a Group of 5 players you enter a special dungeon to complete objective and beat some Boss. At the end you can gain Uber Chest,Gold,items and more.

by example I have Hammerstrike,Firestorm and Heal the others bring Sword Rain,Sonic Blast and toxic Cloud. One can be a healer,one can be support with Shield and 3 others can be a fighter roles.

too much MMORPG? maybe…

It should definitely be possible to have spells exclusive to the king or queen but I don’t think separating them would be a good idea. What if you wanted to play as female but liked to use the king’s spells, or vise versa? People tend to want to play as the gender they identify as, so its important to have little tactical differences between them. It would be neat to have some use for them when not fighting. Perhaps they could join the defenders?

great Idea use queen with king spells and and king with queen spells and vice versa. With the Stronghold I hope we can have the Queen or choose the King to defend it with huge wave of troops with Catapult and all. with spectacular effect of explosion and all

Why not add a function when someone attack you. you receive a notification and you must enter the game and defend your kindgom.

by example you attack me then I receive a notification to enter defend it. I enter the game and send me in my defense path. I see you with your King and I must stop you

Much yes! Awhile ago I suggested something like a boss raid where the boss has a certain amount of money and the more you take from him the weaker he gets (the gold acts like his health). After some time, the boss will have 0 gold (therefore 0 health) and the one who takes the final piece of gold gets some gems as a reward. Have several bosses of different difficulties with different amounts of health. A similar system was in a game I used to play and it was easily the most popular part of the game. People hit bosses (they were open to attack from anyone) and the person with the most damage and the killer got special currency. Some of those so-called “races” were my favorite gaming memories, especially when being challenged by a tough, fast hitting opponent. Gods that was fun. I would love flare forever if they made that system here.

Sound really fun. coop boss raids. The best feature we can dream of :slight_smile:

Boss rush , like we have in castle defense 2 . 

Or may be make a Dream Alliance

There should be a flare alliance available in flares game.

Where we get everything , every special and pro boost available there , no need of donations , every things is maxed  , every units get special and normal boost


Give it as a rewards in war or some other events may be in pro  , like for 10 days. 

So any of players have chance to use of those boost becoz of their ability , lower to lower players, 

Then there will be a competition 

Flare  v/s  world

Flare as an actual evil boss in the game? I like that.