Idea for Version 4.3.0-5.0

Recently I have deleted my previous alliance and when I wanted to create my new one then I see a lots of stuffs miss in this game to make really awesome

1.Not enough emblem to create phenomenal name :

If we can have more emblem. Players can create really beautiful name and a awesome alliance

Phoenix Emblem : The Phoenix Rising

Siren Emblem : The Cold Siren

Bow Emblem : Arrow Strike

Shield Emblem : Olympus Blessing

and so on… if we can have over 20 emblem and more. This will make this game more alive. People will want to create their own alliance with their favorite name and maybe will make new player stay in the game

2.The main problem of this game is the lack of information in the battle logs :

Its cool to have indicator for Hero Death and Invocations but that don’t allow us to really test our defense and improve it because we don’t know what to use first. What we need its like in RR2 info about what the players use. Boosted unit, talos,okeanos,damocles? what the player use? This will allow us to test and build proper counter defense. We need to see the settings of the player who attack us. So we can use the same and see what we can change in defense to improve it

3.Delay the Phoenix of the Griffin Island

I mean at the moment we unlock the Griffin at 75.000 or around. Prometheus is too weak to beat this. I have try with 4 unit boost same with Spearman level 20+. Prometheus is too weak now with those islands enhanced like crazy. One hit and he die. I have try manual and automatic and fail at many reprise. So I have stop trying for now

The problem is later when you reach 110,000 you unlock the Phoenix islands. Player don’t have time to work on Cadmus and Prometheus at same time. If you can delay the Phoenix Islands after the next islands at 150,000 and make it more at 175,000 will make more sense and give us time to up Cadmus

Now i forget Griffin islands and I focus to up Dragon Tooth of Cadmus and forge Cadmus items to Titan to prepare him to fight Phoenix Islands

you see stuck with Griffin Island

Don’t have time to deal with Griffin that I have to deal now with Phoenix Islands at same time. So its a pain to try to up 2 Heroes at same time and deal with both islands.

So if you can delay Pheonix Island to appear after 150,000 islands more like at 175,000 will save us life really

4.Griffin and Pheonix Islands if a player have both bring a huge problem a another one.

Lack of opponent on the maps. Its not the first time I have said it. I repeat for like the 10th times. Monster islands if they are not defeat fast make opponent appear very very slow on the maps. So player must play like one time each 3 days.

I have do my fight this mornings I guess I must wait 2 or 3 days before do my next fight.

Solve number 3 and I am sure number 4 will be solve

5.I have ask for it in the pass but was not added in the game. Able to select all items we want and click Sell.

Problem is when you have 300 items slots and more and are full. I don’t want to lose 2 hours in a day just to sell item one by one. So please make is possible and easier to select more items at same time

if I think about something else I will add it here

this is really needed in a future version. Please add more islands and up the number of Dominance at 400k

the problem is at 160k the player have nothing to do with Dominance until 300k. Its annoying and boring

Like you can see with this screenshot is in the game many huge black zone still in the game. Why not add more islands at 200k,250k and why not at 350k,etc… We have got a new hero Artemis and developer have said they working on a new hero probably Apollo or else. So we have over 13-15 Heroes in total. More Hero = More island to cover

At least add something to do after 300k dominance. Like at 350k you unlock a new zone with a new mode. I don’t know Time trial mode. Every player try to finish each island the most faster and the one who did it at the end. Let’s say each 3 days can win big prize : Gems,gold,wisdoms, titan items, unique item,etc…

So for me I still wait to see more islands and maybe more mode unlockable with Dominance. i don’t know but this is asked a lots of time to up the dominance and do something with the dominance. Capped at 300k is boring. So add new mode or why not the new Hero Apollo or whatever the next one unlockable at 400k Dominance. Sound good to me 

Warriornator developers will bring a new hero next , i think so.

at least if the new hero can be unlocked via dominance at 300k or 400k will  be awesome. Just add something to do with Dominance more

add a Dominance Boost. I’m kidding. Who will allow to have more boost. at 10k,20k,50k,100k,150k,200k,etc… unlock new boosts benefit for War. I don’t know.  Like more VP gain +5% or +1 fury. I am pretty sure many idea has been giving over time what to do with Dominance but still with more Heroes we need more islands. So covert all black zone

This morning I have do some fight in my map with Achilles and cost me 18 gems. (6 gems per battles) one of my fight give me a idea

Can be a life savior if in future we can have like Royal Revolt 2 a Scream Button to be able to regroup troops and to give them order to follow me

By example this morning during a fight everything going fine. I reach the gate bring the Gatekeeper on the bridge to avoid arrow of the Gate of Apollo like I did each time but this time again got Perseus (What a surprise :o no I’m kidding ) very frustrating and very annoying to find Perseus everywhere. This time i have face a Perseus with Mirror Shield probably boosted with life on hit and who make him totally invincible

We can avoid Gatekeeper and focus on the gate but not the troops. The problem is when you have a army of Phoenix,spearman and all and they focus on the Gatekeeper without any way to said to them : ‘‘Hey forget this invincible bippppp… and focus on the gate’’

We don’t have any scream button or anything to tell them follow me. Bia don’t work in this situation. So the result is I was forced to spend and waste 6 gems again to win

Problem is with no scream button. I waste like 100-200 gems in a week. I want to do my 300k donation at 1,500 gems but at the speed the game make me waste gems in each fight its just too much insane. Its really frustrating

Because the problem is each troops are stubborn and do non sense stuffs. Phoenix can focus on the wrong target like Lapetos tower and my spearman struggle to defeat a Phoenix,etc… Sometime don’t attack in group and split.the majority of time i have no one who follow me. So I am alone and die 1 or 2 times in a row stuck just before a barricade and a bunch of pheonix and spearman. To avoid dying a 3rd time and lose 9,10 or 15 trophy then I spend 6 gems to cast Pyrphoros to destroy fast the barricade and reach the gate

So if we can have a scream button or able to regroup them will make this game more fun and more interesting.

Seems like it would be kind of a rude thing to do to players who have spent a long time building their defense and forging their gk.

It’s hard to say what the issue is exactly but as your mid ascension level probably? You’ll be fighting players 20+ lvls higher and almost certainly much higher fame points (so far higher LoH mastery which at high fame can be a big difference when you have 2 x LoH masteries) at times. So maybe the GK isnt invincible to someone at their level, but when you’re lower you can’t produce the power to knock them down.

The issue for me isn’t so much the lack of damage the GK’s take, it’s more the damage they can do - after all you can’t forge a Griffin or phoenix (once at max lvl)  to withstand huge damage done by Gks in a short space of time…yes we can wait many months to get 50% extra health for them, but that’s not really an option.  I have many max level units with some reasonable bonuses but they can die very quickly, so just says to me GK damage hasn’t been tested properly, and nobody’s even been forging heavy duty GK’s yet or reached level 150!

don’t worry, they have “solved” this since Live Server Update 15.11.18 …

  • Area Damage: Reduced chance of getting this perk on Cursed items.

edit: i was sarcastic…

There are several different ways to keep units alive, even if you take the full-frontal attack approach. But there are also other ways to attack a gk than full-frontal punch 'em in the nose.

Wait … is that true?  Is that why I have yet to receive an area effect perk on any gear?