Idea- Uber Magic chests

Hi All,


How about having Uber Magic chests?


  1. In war we should be able to earn Uber Magic chests.

  2. also blacksmith upgrading our magic chests to next level. I mean just like the items, upgrade from epic to legendary then legendary to Uber.


Do you guys like the Idea? comment or like… :wink:

Sure i love chests!

I dnt knw about the second part bt they should introduce the uber chest. Currently we have the 50,000 as the highest chest they can introduce 60,000 skulls chest as the new uber chest

Dont we have 70k chests during extra rewards condition

In recent war seasons the highest skull reward chest is only 50,000. Earlier it was 70,000.

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+999 to this

I suggest that only in forum events you can get the uber chest.


I got 60k+ skulls this season bt no chest to celebrate that :slightly_frowning_face:

I posted this idea already:


And I am a big fan of it  :grinning:

Yeah it is a great & very good idea :slight_smile: