Ideas and recommendations for the conquest mode

Hello FlareGames, with all due respect definivitamente need to do something to keep the players, many are frustrated, tired, exhausted, depressed, etc.
For this, I have a couple of PROPOSALS for you to analyze, I know that many will not be possible, but nevertheless, they will give you an idea of something they can do, the players want and need MOTIVATION, JOY, THAT MAKE US FEEL VALUED ( we do not want to be given everything, we know how to earn our things and we know that good things cost work)

  1. That the conquest lasts for a maximum of 4 days, in which the full 4 days can be attacked.

  2. If you plan to continue with the same rewards, you should add rewards for the total number of skulls added by the alliance. For example:
           50,000 = a chest for everyone (with rewards to the liking of FLAREGAMES)
          75,000 = another box of choice FLAREGAMES
        100.00 = another box chosen by FLAREGAMES
    * This with the intention of MOTIVATING the players to participate in the conquest mode.

  3. Lower the cost of resources

  4. Increase resource recharge time

  5. Implement a REWARD mode per discovered box. for example:
      “You have been the first to walk through square 879, receive 1 chest for your entire alliance”

  6. Reduce the time of construction of watchtowers
    * This also with the intention of making the conquest mode more entertaining and making the most of the time it lasts.

  7. Balancing more the rivals of the conquests, a simple algorithm would be: Match them by the TOTAL OF CUPS, or the RANK, or add the rank of the alliance + its level and divide it by 2, for example:
    RANK 356 + 53 LEVEL OF THE ALLIANCE / 2 = 204.5
    RANK 211 + 61 LEVEL OF THE ALLIANCE / 2 = 136
    This way it will not happen again what happened in this last conquest where level 40 alliances against level 70 alliances were found.

THANKS FOR YOUR ATTENTION AND TRUTH I HOPE THAT YOU TAKE INTO ACCOUNT SOMETHING OF HERE EXPOSED. I consulted these proposals with my alliance (53 members) and all agreed.




Hola FlareGames, definivitamente necesitan hacer algo para mantener a los jugadores, muchos estamos frustrados, cansados, agotados, deprimidos, etc.
Por esto, le tengo un par de PROPUESTAS para que analicen, se que muchas no serán posibles, pero sin embargo, les darán una idea de algo que puedan hacer posible, los jugadores queremos y necesitamos MOTIVACIÓN, ALEGRÍA, QUE NOS HAGAN SENTIR VALORADOS (tampoco queremos que nos regalen todo, sabemos ganarnos nuestras cosas y sabemos que las cosas buenas cuestan trabajo)

  1. Que la conquista dure a lo máximo 4 días, en las que se pueda atacar los 4 días completos.

  2. Si piensan seguir con las mismas recompensas, deberían agregar recompensas por el total de calaveras que sume la alianza. Por ejemplo:
           50,000 = un cofre para todos (con recompensas del agrado de FLAREGAMES)
          75,000 = otro cofre a elección de FLAREGAMES
        100,00 = otro cofre a elección de FLAREGAMES
    *Esto con la intención de MOTIVAR a los jugadores a participar en el modo conquista.
    3)Bajar el costo de los recursos

4)Aumentar el tiempo de recarga de recursos

5)Implementar un modo de RECOMPENSA por casilla descubierta. por ejemplo:
  “Haz sido el primero en caminar por la casilla 879, recibe 1 cofre para toda tu alianza”

6)Reducir el tiempo de construcción de atalayas
*Esto también con la intención de hacer mas entretenida el modo conquista y aprovechar al máximo el tiempo que esta dure.

7)Equilibrar mas los rivales de las conquistas, un algoritmo sencillo sería: Emparejarlas por el TOTAL DE COPAS, o el RANGO, o sumar el rango de la alianza + su nivel y dividirlo entre 2, por ejemplo:
RANGO 356 + 53 NIVEL DE LA ALIANZA / 2 = 204.5
RANGO 211 + 61 NIVEL DE LA ALIANZA / 2 = 136
De esta manera no volverá a pasar lo que pasó en esta última conquista donde se encontraron alianzas nivel 40 contra alianzas nivel 70.

Creo que es muy bueno tu aporte espero que flaregames lea tu comentario y haga algo al respecto ya que ha sido un dolor de cabezas esta ultima conquistas 

I think your contribution is very good I hope you flaregames read your comment and do something about it since it has been a headache this last conquests

Thanks bro :slight_smile:

  1. I think 8 days are okay to the conquest. 

The other points I also like if the haven‘t to do with point 1. 


I think the issue with conquest mode (cm) is that it is more or less season wars on a chest board. When the pawns (players) meet they fight like in season-wars…nothing new…nothing exciting. 

The BIG downside of cm is that until u get to the exciting part (fighting) it may take 2 days or more and when u get to fighting it is just …season wars again

…so dear FG to sum up, cm (the way it is now) is just a boring imitation/repetition of season wars.

My suggestion would be to keep the world map part (where players move like chess pawns) and throw away the season-war fighting part.

All players will start with just their heroes and a few knights… NOTHING more!!! and as they move through the map they will meet monsters (ogres, mummies, maybe something new??) where if they choose to fight and win they ll get resources (wisdom/stones) or even recruit them as troops (like in warcraft) …or they could just ignore and keep exploring the map.

When a player raids an enemy player, he ll be attacking his tent not his castle defences which is ridiculous!!! u face the opponent in the middle of nowhere!!! did he carry his castle defences with him?? …on that fat donkey FG gave us!!! At the beggining the tent’s defence will have only a few traps/towers and few small waves AND the enemy player with his selection of 3 spells and pet, he ll be defending like a primal beast.

The conquest upgrades will be separated in 2 categories offensive and defensive. offensive will allow players to carry more units in raids and defensive will increase waves and traps/towers when defending (at the final upgrade stages u could introduce new awesome units/traps/towers/spells to motivate alliances to upgrade all-the-way). The current conquest upgrades which is all about troops, heroes, energy, cooldowns, offensive and defensive ratings r just BAD and should be scraped completely. The troop system, skulls required, and supreme victory features should be COMPLETELY thrown away!!! because they are just BORING, confusing and frustrating, the idea of getting stuck for a day in a war is just NONSENSE!!! 

ALL player spells and troops should be of the same level no matter the player level!!!..the conquest mode should be a game of skill and strategy, where a 3k trophy player will fight on equal terms with a 2k trophy player (like the proleague) …nothing ELSE!!! 

The scoring system which involves getting conquest points by building towers and occupying tiles, the stronghold buildings, …and pretty much everything else r COOL!!!


I should get bonus gems for this contribution!!! your appreciation FG !!! generous!!! ?

You’re right, the current way of conquest mode is boring and definitely FLAREGAMES needs to do something to remedy this.

You have great ideas bro, I liked them all, however, your ideas are practically eliminate the conquest way by a totally different type of game.
I do not think FLARE will change the conquest way for something different, that is why we have to give NEW IDEAS and not very COMPLICATED so that the CONQUEST MODE is FUN and keeps us MOTIVATED.

Something like … the players are SEDIENT and we only have land … we need to see how to make water with that land they give us.

FLARE puts the modes of PLAY, it is our responsibility to make FLARE understand our needs and what we would like them to do, without radically changing what is already.




I like the idea, but that all would be better in the kingdom map. Kingdom map

Thank u for your kind words over my conquest mode recommendation :slight_smile:

Just read the “Kingdom map” idea Philipp22101999. If FG implemets it then they should change the name of the game to “RR2 the command & conquer red alert 2 version” :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :-) 

FG should even put that blonde consultant that always urges u to spend gems in every occasion (typical woman) …as Tanya 

what ever happened to 8 battles in conquest,very rarely get supreme victory,more like rockem sockem robots,for 24 hrs.maybe it could change to 3 battles per player



I hope you see my ideas and recommendations for the conquest