Ideas for a new Titan.

J upiter ( also known as Jove ), is the god of the sky and thunder

Juno (lat. Iuno)



isn’t Jupiter Roman aspect Of Zeus.I mean he is the reincarnation of Zeus.So we do have Zeus in the game.

The Romans regarded Jupiter as the equivalent of the Greek Zeus

Hi guys,

I’d like to tell my idea for a new hero. I am not sure, if the same has been said above.(haven’t gone through all the ideas).

FG can try to implement a real BAD titan. Like Cronus - Titan GOD of time. He can be portrayed as the BAD guy(separate small campaign should be kept to unlock him - will give a x-factor), thus creating a separate track in the game though he can used as a hero in the war also. good guy bad guy duality will bring a great atmosphere to the over-all game. The Zeus Chronos originally came from the Titan himself. As per the the mythology, Zeus has thunderbolt, which is not being used. @GalaMorgane @CaptainMorgan FG developers, please try this arc in the game. A bad guy who can be used in the war as well.


@Tomaxo you once told me that developers plan to bring a hero to game after every nine month.

It is already nine months since Artemis debut.Can we have another hero in the game @CaptainMorgan  :slight_smile:



Once War and Forge are stable, a new hero/unit/tower is definitely welcome.

The main “feature” coming next will be additional levels for most things in the game as well as tweaks and fixes for the War and Forging system. After that, we’re currently leaning toward adding another brother to the game…

Spoiler alert! It’s a hero, not a heroine. ? Poseidon, Boreas or Ares?

If it’s a brother to any hero, the possibilities are endless.

If it’s Zeus’ and Hades’ brother, it’s either Poseidon or Chiron (the centaur).

Hope its Poseidon. Not like Zeus and Hades you unlock via Celestial Boost and do 1 attack a day and are useless. But like a permanent hero. with his lance and cast Ocean Wave. A wave of water who destroy all on his path. What that miss in the game is a hero with 150% speed like Perseus. If Poseidon can be really fast can be fun

Poseidon, like me(can be so Zeus and Hades in Celestial boost), but then would be good  the other hero . Ares like me.With solid armor, in one hand big Shield, in other a Magic Swotd


I think it’d be awesome to have a Theseus Hero in the game!! Theseus’s personal spell would be called “Black Sail” (for those of you who know the story of Theseus, you would understand this :wink: ). The spell would be like the Black Magic spell in RR2 and like a much better version of “Helen’s Beauty”. Of course, Theseus himself would take a while to unlock. Maybe some sort of special mission would unlock him. Still, though, I’d like to hear what you guys think of this

The one downside I see of Theseus, is that players would get mixed up between him and Perseus :wink:  

We are still waiting for the mighty Gods, Ares and Poseidon.

*Theseus uses Black Sails power*

**His dad dives off a cliff**

My bad, didn’t see that one, but I still think Theseus would be a fun titan to have in the game

I don’t care much who will be the new one release soon. More we have more resources we gain on islands. 20 its a beautiful number. 6 on ambrosia island,10 on gold island and 4 on wisdom islands.

Now we have 15 with the new one 16 soon. Just need 4 more

There are currently 14 Heroes, not 15.

We have one new hero each year. At that pace your wish will be fulfilled in 2023. ?

CaptainMorgan gave us a hint. It’s a brother. There’s a good chance it’s Poseidon.

It might be a little more futuristic…

Theseus could be featured to conquer the Minotaur islands instead of Ariadne, because  he  was the one who killed and decapitated that monster (with the help of Ariadne’s ball of thread).