Ideas for creating threads for submission of costumes (equipment), skins, etc.


I think that it is good to recruit equipment and skin plan from the user at any time.

The users of this game play with all sorts of sensitivity all over the world.

Look forward to the day when you can see the different king ,queen,unit.

Tower, and  obstacle … If you want to the castle to the background if you want  new costumes.



フード衣装.png ガスパール.png スペード王♠.png 中華風衣装.PNG

Even the background of Halloween
I think you and yours can imagine a lot of unit skins that you want to meet in the game.


ヂュラハン.PNG フランケンバイキング.PNG 僧侶スキンデザイン.PNG

I’m always open to new looks. Brings a fresh new zing to the game. Some good ideas here!

I used to play online games with the largest number of avatars released.
In that game, I collected over 10,000 points in eight years and always played by exchanging.

I think that selling accessories and various skins can be easily received by all users without compromising the system or balance.

Recruiting characters and clothes from fans and users, arranging them and presenting them is a common way of seeing cartoons and TV shows popular with children and young people.


・The theme is decided like a skin contest and it recruits.
・Always recruit and adopt good design proposals from application-specific threads.
I think that it will be a trigger for playing users to play this game more fun.