Ideas for new game content

  1. New hero: I think a good next step for the game is unlocking another character. My previous selection for this was Prince Hector, because we need a new fighting character that can equal Perseus’ strengths as GK. His unique power could be a stun feature (much like Perseus) only using paralysis rather than petrify. His uniques should be a reflective item (possibly shield or armor) and it would be nice to have a demo item as well (offensively capable) probably his sword. This would offer a better change from just Perseus being the primary GK option.
  2. New islands. 350,000k dominance islands that unlock a new monster would be awesome! Production focuses only on ambrosia, gold, and wisdom. Make an island that produces gems, doesn’t need to be a lot, but enough to stir some interest.
  3. We need a new monster or unit very badly. I suggested Cerberus previously, but I would also like you to consider Chimera.
  4. Phoenix is obviously a great monster, but it needs a divine blessing. I would like to suggest it be given the blessing of exploding upon first death, so that units/structures around it get additional damage dealt. Another option could be for it to give all rebirthed units a poison damage multiplier.
  5. Let’s get a new structure in the game. I think it would be cool to see a structure that slows units down, teleports them backwards on the path, or even one that can hide elements of the path from user visibility (like a fog machine).
  6. It would be nice to see adjustments made to how the game distributes uniques. At this point, odyssey and war titan chests are the only way people are opening uniques. The titan reward chests are usually a joke and offer little value. Even if you’re lucky enough to get a unique, statistically, it is probable you will open a duplicate. Can we adjust the probability odds to decrease 50% for duplicates?
    Obviously developing new content takes time and a lot of effort. Customers and users are patient, but new content (not just patches and updates) are slowed for this game to the point where many lost interest in playing. Can we please get some of these suggestions filled and get some quality content to look forward to?

Great ideas, hopefully they will be able to consider and implement them ALL. :clap:


War chests and daily/titan point chests have the same probability of containing a unique, so don’t sleep on those.

Good suggestions, but anything that adds worshippers (structures/units) cant be implemented right now, it will add levels and it has come to a point where levelling up is a painful process (too long , too expensive and drives off players - they quit).

And it would take I assume minimum a year to add levels from today actually, maybe 6 months. It might get boring in 6 months, but it is really a bad process leveling up…

Flaregames is working on a brother (new hero) for almost a year.

If you remember, they said that exactly one year ago. They have realized the latest update and never mentioned it again. The big issue is Flaregames doesn’t give their audiences any clue when or what they’re working on till the patch arrives.

I agree that it is tedious and frustrating leveling up, especially since gear becomes useless quickly as ascension rises. It would be nice to see a change to the gear system in which gear doesn’t become unmatched with rising ascension so quickly, or a way to maybe forge it back to a good value (similar to a unique forge which will rematch the level). I think OR does this to entice players into buying chests (although this is also a bad selling point).
While levels are frustrating, I do believe it should not deter OR staff from creating new content to help shape strategy and create new tactics.

They weren’t really doing much on OR from the time War Seasons got fixed until this year. Everyone was working on a different game. Now they’re back it seems like.

Just to clarify this, we have mentioned that we were working on another brother, but we did not confirm that it would be a new Hero. Work has progressed on this, but has been put on the back-burner for some time, as we were not happy with the mechanics we had designed.

That said, we do have more content (as opposed to features) in the mid-term pipeline. More details when we get closer to their release.

Thanks for the detailed suggestions for content, we will discuss through your points when talking about future versions.

Closing this thread to free up votes.