Ideas For New Toops and Other Stuff

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New Troop Idea: (Name) (Description) (How To Get) (Abilities) (Passive Abilities) (Type Of Damage) (Weaknesses) (Strong Against)

Other Ideas: How ever u want 2 organize it


I would expect that you would start with a suggestion of a troop. And honestly, no, we don’t need another troop or spell. No need to start upgrading everything once again.

 (Name) Puss in boots

(Description) ”Your legacy is a cat”

(How To Get)Dungeon’s new room

 (Abilities) scratch 

(Passive Abilities)    Attract enemies.

(Dedicated boost  ) Drop bucky from bag. Change orga to rats.

(Type Of Damage)  Piercing

(Weaknesses) Ice

 (Resistances) Blunt  



A new unit or speil are always welcome, because new unit and spells make the Game more interested. 

I think that (I mean the cat) would be better, if the cat are a new pal, not a new unit. 

You must look old topic. We have already suggested all new spells,new troops and new stuffs since 2016+ so look all old topic about 2016-2018. You will find what you looking for. Flare have already all ours suggestion about them

just to make a little recap :

We have suggest Vampire,New lightning troop like a magician troop, we have suggest Siren, Bear,Horse, and many many more

for spell we have suggest too a lots of them

We have suggest : Tidal Wave (Water spell). Lightning Chain, Lightning Strike, Charm, Jump, Freeze and many many more 

wait Madlen finish to class them and you will be able to read them in the 3 section : Already implemented, Good idea and Non able idea