Ideas para Royal Revol 2

Good night sorry for the inconvenience, what happens is that I have a few ideas for the next update of Royal Revolt 2

1:I would like them to make another building as if it were a tavern but that it was made out of pearls.

Nlv 1 that of 30 pearls every 7 hours

Nvl 2 that of 120 every 1 day

Nlv 3 than 350 every 3 days

Nvl 4 than 600 every 5 days

2: Also from the Royal Revolt 1 I would like the missions that you did in 1 to add them to 2, just give you gold and a little bit of pearls

3: also make it easier to get tickets for the pro league

4: should put a mini-tournament between members of the same alliance and those who remain in 1st places receive awards such as gems, pets, tickets to the league etc

5: and finally they should make a mini market within each alliance where they can exchange items between players of the same alliance

seriously, it would be great if you took one of those ideas into account for the next update and thanks for reading this message

I agree with 1 - 4.

For gaining pearls we already have a building, called blacksmith. The idea is to unlock all slots to be able to convert items into a lot of pearls. If you didn’t unlock all blacksmith slots, then make it a goal to do so. If believe that’s the reason why you are asking for such a building, the lack of pearls. With all slots unlocked and luck gear, you will be able to get a lot of pearls on a daily basis. So idea 1 and 2 are not needed, blacksmith provides the pearls you need. You need to invest in him not for nothing. Like me a lot of players did (it’s quite expensive in terms of gems) and once you did, you benefit from that moment on.

We already get a free ticket every 4 weeks. Only thing you need to do is to collect it as soon as it is available. A pro ticket costs 750 gems, you can reduce the price per ticket to 560 gems by buying a five pack, so save 2800 gems when you intent to play the pro league. By playing it every time, you can win a lot of gems by ending high on the list. Paying customers get a lot of extras, pro rewards, pro tickets, pearls, pal food and so on. So as free player you can’t have it all. I would suggest first to invest in unlocking all blacksmith slots and improving daily donation by upgrading alliance tower. When that’s accomplished, you can focus on the pro tickets. To speed up the process somewhat, you can do a little investment by buying the daily gem chest for a very low price per month, this would already be sufficient to provide you 1700-1800 gems on a monthly basis. 

Option 4, I don’t like this idea, it’s a competition costing even more time from players. We aren’t married to the game and flare is no charity company. This would reduce their income. Players would need to buy less gems, pal chests and so on. Tickets can already be given to alliance members. 

Option 5, also discussed a lot of times. Flare already responded that this won’t be implemented. I am not going to repeat the reason why. You can search for those topics by searching all content and enter search term “Market”.

  1. No need this really. we have already a Blacksmith building who give you pearls. More you unlock slots and more pearls you obtain by item

Tricks to unlock all slots

* Build a hard defense and spend pearls on forge

* Stay low at 2000-2500 trophy and welcome rain of gems during War Season. Easy 200 to 800 (depending if you have scroller in enemy alliance)

* Win all Bronze League and Silver and drop and do the same thing. With 1,000 gems per month or more you can unlock easily with discount during Blacksmith Event all the 4 first slots. The 5 one you unlock it with gems in Dungeon and Voucher for extra gems. The 6th with Pearls Diver Quest who give 3500. The 7th and 8th you accumulate them with patience

so when you have all 8 melting slots + max level = I don’t know plus Rank 1 in Ninja Event (depending of  your tier) maybe 20k - 50k a month

2.I have play RR1 but never do special mission. So no reply on that

3.We have asked for at least 2 a month but Flare refuse. Pro League its a Pay to win feature so you must accept to play it 1 time a month, buy tickets with money who spend your hard work gems on tickets with Diamond league,etc…

4.Asked but nobody want this. too much time consumed. Nobody have time for this

  1. If you attack Flare income no chance they add this. No chance