Ideas to improve alliances members' loyalty & recruitment

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The whole alliances system wasn’t integrated to the game when it started, and it has almost not been improved since then.

I find it very hard to hire loyal members.

Recruitment is a very dull and repetitive task (basically just bulk invites…)

That’s why I’ve thought about a few things to improve that:



  • Leaders to filter applications (by number of trophies and/or daily donation)
  • Generals / leaders to display alliance rules on the alliance page
  • Option to visualize any player’s alliance history (30/10/15: XX left alliance)


Members management:

  • Record of donations and members seniority (e.g. average daily donation since joined is xx) 
  • Record of war seasons members performances (some players are good for finances, some are good for fights…)


Loyalty incentives:

  • Alliance gold bonus to be shared according to seniority in the alliance: the oldest member gives +30%, the most recent only 5% – if you leave your alliance, you lose your seniority for good
  • If you leave your alliance, you have to wait 1 day before joining a new one (doesn’t apply if you get kicked…)


With these, there would be no more alliance jumpers.

I don’t see any major drawback on the players and yet it would be a great advantage for the alliances leaders.


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All good ideas

How do Leaders ensure loyalty now? Would be good to hear about different methods.

Good Ideas Indeed. One, And The Most Important Thing To Help In Recruiting, Is A Global Chat Or Maybe A Global Place That Leaders And Generals Can Click A Button To Show Up The Recruitment Every 5 Minutes.

Something like global recruit call should cost, but also allow a filter to target the types of players you want.  The cost would be based on the King rank you target.  So top players aren’t spammed, but its cheap to get rank 20-30


A simple way for the gold bonus would be to start at 3-5% (what’s the minimum?) and gain +1% per day you donate up to the max.   Maybe give an extra +1% over max after each 1 month of donating. 

Yeah, very nice!

Nothing worse than jumpers before the war season after saying they will stay. Luckily I have a few very loyal members…so far. But yes the searching I’d tedious and needs to be easier to search

Can you delete your own comments when accidently duplicating?

I think alliance hoppers should face some sort of penalty. Maybe lose a hundred or so trophies and losing a level or two rank. That way alliance hoppers will hop no more. If they are unhappy for any reason it should be discussed with the leader and the leader may grant them an honorable discharge. 

2 more ideas - + 3rd Idea:

  1. If a player quit (or was expelled from) alliance - leader may block his/her ability to use boosts (from whatever other alliance (s)he joined) for a number of days … 2 or 3 days.

  2. For OPEN alliances - option to set minimum player level for those who tries to join without invitation.

======== 04/10/16 - Added 3rd Idea - it’s actually is a replacement of the 1st idea: ========

3. Alliance Boosts (both Elite and War) for non-alliance-war battles should be EARNED, i.e.:

    - If  a player fights in Alliance War - (s)he can enjoy active boosts without restrictions (same as now);

    - In other battles - only is (s)he “fought good enough” (see details below) in the same Alliance in the last finished War Season, i.e:

             When war season ends - all players who are at this moment in the Alliance and " fought good enough" - can use this Alliance’s (active) boosts until the end of the next war season as long as they are within the alliance (if player quits - (s)he loses these rights; if comes back - gets them again)

             “fought good enough” - may be determined by the number of Alliance War battles (for example - at least 10 battles) or by number of skulls (for example - at least 10,000 skulls) or by more complex criteria.

This improvement would eliminate BOOST FREE RIDERS (players who join alliance to get boosts and don’t do anything for Alliance).

And players who fight “good enough” in all war seasons would have boosts without any restrictions.

Awesome, I support your other ideas but not this one.

I really do not see how leaving an alliance and you have to wait 1 day before joining it can be considered as an incentive.

Please also note the following:

  1. The greatest advantage of being a leader is that you make all the rules. (a leader can not leave)

  2. The biggest advantage of being a soldier is that you can leave (a soldier can not make any rules)

  3. One of the greatest experiences I have of this game is of all the alliances I have played with, there was a time I jumped a lot (although I have always donated and have done my part during wars).

My suggestions are the following:

  1.  a players should be allowed to change alliances freely outside of war time. During war season, everything should be fixed in terms of members. If this applies most frustrations will be gone.

  2. When a new player joined - there should be a grace time of 1 hour where he can make up his mind to stay or not. (No penalties)

  3. when a player leave (and he has donated in the last 24 hours) he should not be penalised.


  1. If a player leaves and has not donated he should not be able to join a new alliance (1 day for every 24 hours he has not donated).

  2. If a player is kicked and  he has not donated in the last 24 hours - he need to be penalised (if his total donations is less than a weeks donations).  

(I personally do not like penalties that much - but I do agree that if we can get more loyalty from members it will make gameplay a lot better)


I agree that if members are locked in or out during war a lot of issues would be solved. I don’t agree with donation penalties because they should be voluntary regardless.

There should be an easy way to extract data about player performance and skull count at the end of each war season. The information you get in-app for different war seasons is great but it is really difficult to compile all of that into a table to compare player performance and involvement. Just publish a simple webpage where we can see stats for a specific alliance which then allows us to download war-season skull counts and participation data in csv format.

Another suggestion: Allow alliances to issue rewards (gold) to team members as a way to encourage participation in war

I just edited my April 1st post and added 3rd Idea - I think it’s the BEST ONE

yeah I like the idea of a detailed history of a player it would be really helpful for us Generals and for the Leaders : 

When you go on the page of the player you click on ‘‘Alliance History’’

Added in alliance XXX 2/11/14

Leave alliance XXX 2/11/14

Added in alliance XXX 9/22/14

leave alliance XXX 11/3/15

This is very important to us Generals to know in advance what kind of player we added

maybe more detail like how gold he give each day, the date of his last connection,etc…

I don’t know if people know the game Dino RPG? in this game you have all info you need about a player

You can see the date the last time the player has been connected,how much gold he give to the clan,during War statistic of Offense and Defense,etc…

I would indeed like to have historical facts of a player for the last two months or something like that.

Stats like donation average, average help during war seasons, and so on will help to determine the reputation of a player.

There is the issue of privacy. If this feature is added, make it an option a player can tick off. 

Some players like to advertise everything about themselves. Others like to stay private and will take huge offence when this is implemented. 


I agree to that!! Coz if we can see that then most higher alliance will feed of active players from the lower teams.

but I would also like to add that if someone apply’s to a team!! The team would be able to see his info