If Flare had given us a proper preview...

…we could give our teammates something to look forward.

…we could discuss how the new features could be implemented in the game

… we would not need so many forum discussions leading to nothing 

… Gala would not have to think of impolite, stalling answers

… People would understand that it might take time to do it right


Other companies do it in a proper way without spoiling anything. But No, not Flare. They do not care about community, they simply show they do not understand it.

In the past there were at least some screencasts about upcoming new stuff. Only a few people watched but at least some info was given and players spread it. These „Fairytale Videos“ were clearly a step back. Nobody is even discussing what they meant.

I hope there will be a next time to do it better. Maybe it was Flares last shot at improvement. Confidence among players this update will be good is very low at the moment. Maybe unjustified, but guess why…

I vote for no video??i find the way Gala answering is absolutly normal. They dnt want give us information. Its their way if you dnt like just delete game

Cromka, you are in a really bad loop. It must be like Groundhog Day for you.

Do you need professional help to get you out of it? ?

You summed it up nicely. At the very least they need to be more open with their information and be better at informing the community about the state of affairs.


But we all know what they will do with these tips. It’s been said at least a thousand times.

?? you are so cute

do i need help or its you need help, like a man who making posts without answers by months??

??they said it many many many times that they dnt want to share infos. It was said so many times they even tired to repeat now?

But so “smart” guys like @MagischerKoenig are still making posts. Have no idea why?

If they do not want to share info then its ok but we too dont need their Video… if they would have shared the same in Forum only then I can understand it but they are even sharing it in the game so they should stop this practice as well.

Ts good point, but if true i like this video)

Cromka is also The Law and only his opinions are valid and no one else’s. :stuck_out_tongue:

On a side note, you mentioned Groundhog Day and it reminded me of When They Cry. And I don’t think even Cromka deserves that. :slightly_frowning_face:

Like when you watch by example the E3. Sometime they cannot show much but at 95% of time they show a trailers or video. Some sneak peek of the game. At Gamescom they show more. Same if the majority can come out in 2019. They can give precise date 1 year in advance.

So here in RR2 come on if Flare cannot give us a precise date or more info about 4.0 with a video who show a 2 minutes sneak peek

And surprise, there is a Video preview with some clarifications.

Thanks for listening.

0 Points for Cromka (again)

FlareTV: https://youtu.be/y0D4CmXMyU4

And thanks for letting me name the new part of the game „Conquest“. I accept this as an apolgy.???



Thanks Flare. You see when you listen can be more pleasant for us.

Hello there,

We unveiled a lot more info here :

Many thanks,


A big thanks to Gala (and Maestro) and the flare team for posting the video explaining the update to us!

So the reason for lack of preview so far is because it’s still 6 weeks out, which is fair enough.

If a games developer can give an accurate date 1 year out, it’s because they’ve finished the work and just polishing the game, or just working on episodic type content (e.g. FIFA 16/17/18), games development never ever runs on time for anything slightly challenging.

It is pretty obvious, a lot of Keen Flare resources have been pulled to other games from the „Flare Accelerator programme“. Like Flick Arena.

Otherwise they should have been able to keep the round-about 1 year cycle for RR2 updates. I dont think this is because this is because „this is the biggest update ever“. We know Flare s not shy on letting players beta-test their stuff. So, indeed this is not about polishing the game now.

This is so not true, because if you look at Epic Games development for Fortnite, you know when the update is coming out and what the major points of the update hold. They have an update EVERY week! They DO run on time, and when it comes to their big updates, which at the end of a “season”, you ALWAYS know when the update comes out. Because, when you access the Battle Pass, which is a reward system for your games that you’ve played, they have a timer set for how many days it is until that Battle Pass Season is done, when it is done, the next big update comes out and along with it the next Battle Pass season, which come with new skins, emotes, etc. So, when you say that Games development never EVER runs on time, you obviously aren’t speaking out of knowledge. The update are quite challenging, in my point of view, for Fortnite to change, even more so now after the 4.0 update! They have to change the Battle Royale map EVERY week. That ain’t easy to do. And you know what? They do it all without having any bugs. The main problem that occurs is on your end, internet connection. Yes, the guys at Epic may have a bigger team than here at flare, but they also have a MUCH bigger customer base, making it extremely hard when there are players in almost every part of the world

I don’t know if there is a way to make a announce who will bring back everyone who have stop? On the forum its ok but if someone have stop coming on the forum? How they can know 4.0 arrive in end of July? Maybe Flare should do a video on their Flaregames channel and produce a little trailer who will show a little 4.0 and say : Coming End of July

someone will say if they don’t listen FlaregameTv channel? I have no clue then how you can reach all player inactives.

Maybe also announce it on Facebook RR2 page and Twitter. With all of this probably someone will know the 4.0 coming soon

Its not too late Flare can create a huge momentum who will make everyone want to play RR2 again. Its their chance to bring back everyone who have stop

So Flare should no hesitate to produce Trailers,announce of forum,facebook,twitter,etc… like a Triple A game do non stop when he coming


But we are not a triple A studio. So nothing to compare here. 

Yes, we have other assets scheduled, yes it’s taking a lot of my time and resources to produce. But we will have more details coming down the line to give you a better understanding and visualisation. 

Many thanks,