If I Can Choose Graphic Quality

Hi Flares,


I’ve enjoyed playing this wonderful game than any others.  Many thanks for developers.

The only thing that I have felt negatively is mainly because this game has affected my eye health and feeling faint too frequently.

It will be solved if I quit this game, but I do not want to do so.


I personally think that the highest motion effect while attaching may be the main reason for me.

If there is some option for deducing the graphic effect, it would be very helpful for me and for other user having the similar problem.

Plus, it probably helps to play this game with a low spec smartphone.


Thanks for your consideration!



I used to have the same problem too, vivid colours do that to u, but it is also because u r sitting too close to the screen…or maybe u r getting too stressed when playing the game 

If you talk about version on PC I agree the lack of graphic option its very disturbing. The majority if not all online game on PC have graphic option like : Resolution, V-Sync On/OFF Texture : Low,Medium,High,Ultra Anti Aliasing : X2,X4,X6,X8,X12,X16,etc…Details Far objects : Near or Far, Shadow Details : Low,Medium,High,Ultra, plus. The majority of online game have the same graphic option than a Triple AAA games 

I have never understand why mobile port on PC have lack of graphic option. Seem to adapt to the hardware you have. The game will be disgusting if you don’t have a good monitor or a good GPU card,etc… more awesome if you have 2K or 4K set up,etc…

Of course strange there is no graphic option at least Low,Medium and High

There are several reasons why mobile games don’t have graphic options while PC games do. Mobile developers target a variable portion of devices that can play them as far as graphic quality. For example flare might say “80% of devices should be able to run this game fluently”. The reason why they do this is because letting you select detail required more resources. You have to generate LoDs, new textures, you have to deal with shadows, you have to tell it what to do if there’s too many units on screen, and so on. That takes up extra storage space too, and longer load times and space and time is much more a premium on a mobile device. Also, a much higher percentage of users have phones that can easily run games like this (but many phones will struggle with something like anti-aliasing).

Computers have more space and faster storage access, and they usually have much higher budgets for their games. However, they are much more varied in hardware, and many fewer people have top end components. If you cater to only either the high end or low end, the market for you is very small. So then, it’s worth it to develop the extra resources for graphics options.