If I delete RR2 off my Windows & iPhone how long until....

the account is complelty gone without the chance to retrieve it?

In the moment you uninstall the game in Windows, you’ll lose your account, if you install the game again, you’ll go from the beginning. BUT, it’s possible to recover the account if you contact the soport team.

Thanks Karman. Figured windows might be a bit tricky due to no OneCloud but don’t know about iPhone

hi… I play RR2 on windows 10. your progress is synched with onedrive (if u use microsoft account). when U uninstall and then install again U start from the begining but after the tutorial U can restore your progress.

Is it windows phone 10?adhitya

I’m mot sure if its synced to One Drive as the guide said they aren’t synced and when I go on OneDrive ots not on there.

I’m on Windows phone 8.1



It is synced on onedrive on PC, but not on phone, so if you need to restore your account on phone, you need to go through the support.

The other way is to have your account on another of YOUR devices, then transfer it on your phone afterwards.