If Nemesis is buffed because of its cost, why isn't the defensive Nemesis Beast buffed too?

Flare justified buffing Nemesis so many times because of its cost. Fair enough. The question is, why isn’t Nemesis beast buffed too then?


It would be toward a good direction if Nemesis defensive beast becomes the only Beast that is resistant to piercing damage (I really don’t know why so many are weak to piercing). Also, additionally, remove the ice weakness, THEN, it would start to look good.

It would be even better instead if Nemesis beast was resistant to Blunt damage. That’s the main type of damage on the most common combos (Hammerstrike, Paladins, Archers, Ogres)

Probably because from the pals, Nemesis is the biggest goal for players,
but from the beasts, it’s Celestial Phoebe that is the biggest goal for alliances

There isn’t enough discussion happening about Nemesis beast, probably because there’s only a few alliances that have it unlocked,
I guess that’s why it haven’t been touched yet. Not enough feedback coming

But Nemesis beast certainly needs something
I’m having some ideas, gonna post them later ?

Celestial Nemesis is not really a threat, at least not in terms of damage,
it’s more like a time killer, making us waste time with the constant skeletons spawn
And that could be a very interesting beast, but currently it’s not tanky enough to be effective doing that

Therefore, I would go even further and suggest making Nemesis beast resistant to both, Piercing and Blunt damage, and certainly remove the Ice weakness!

That beast is way too expensive to be weak against one of the most popular combos in the game!

In fact, it would be nice if Nemesis beast was changed to be a good (and the very first) counter to Fritz
So, what if they make Celestial Nemesis actually immune to Ice damage?
Being the first beast with an immunity, and against a very strong pal, sounds really good for a beast of its price

Or, if they want to make things really interesting, even make it so Ice damage heals the beast’s HP!

You shall not pass, Fritz!   :lol:


there is the same problem with the offensive beast … no changes

The beast with the secrets is certainly good in the lower levels, but with stronger opponents <TOP 1000 it doesn’t do much.

The skeletons die too fast and the damage of the dragon is too little scattered and too weak.

I think Flare still has to work on it … :huh:

Hi guys,

Thanks for the thread! We agree with you that Nemesis Beast still needs some more love :slight_smile:

I will share more details in planned balancing changes once we are ready to communicate about them. Until then, nice lil thread you have here Kings, feel free to share more ideas! ?

I still think Fritz is much more better goal for an alliance

Fritz is the most powerful pal AND defensive beast in the game.


I think secretly the developers love penguin and they made it that way.


(Prior to Hans, it’s also the only beast that walks around in the background. Coincidence? I think not =D)

Hans will be very good too

phoebe just a joke now even 8 level

And I agree. Frosty Fritz is certainly a better goal!
But in general, Phoebe is still the beast alliances want the most, that’s why I say it’s the biggest goal

Frosty Fritz is much harder to unlock and upgrade, because we can’t purchase it directly any time we want like Phoebe, so we can’t really focus on it

So, not many alliances know that Frosty Fritz is the strongest beast,
because not many of them have it, and those who have it only have a very low level (but the potential is already noticiable!)


Back to the topic…

Even tho we can purchase Nemesis directly at any time we want, it’s still one of the hardest beasts to have because of its price,
And it makes sense that the difficulty to have a beast, finding or purchasing pals, should be a factor to decide how strong that beast is gonna be

Not all can make Fritz

to make Phoebe much more easier