if possible add this to game asap

I am now playing this game for quite a long time. one thing i noticed many imp and required feature are not in game yet.

i want a feature which will allow me to look into troops and spells of my alliance members. By saying this i mean i should be able to see their forgings and stats on each spells and troops. this will be a really nice add to game which will help us to put comment on our members growth also we can make them go in a perfect way.

also if possible (only for alliance members within a alliance) add ability t see towers levels and forgings with towers in inventory. that will help to make things easier.

also lastly the hero items should be accessible to all members of alliance

wait don’t say this will make your account insecure. many games offer this. we can see many things of a player in game. flare can make their support better and which will make accounts secure.

With this info, you litterally could steal an account, since support will ask you this kind of info, when you say your account is lost. You can always ask a member if he forge troops, spells and so on.

In many games we can see on which level cards are on of a player…how they are safeguarding their players from hijacking…flare need to give this feature and uplift their support standards 

So… Let me see if I get your point.

If this is implemented what we’ll see is the following:

People will jump into other Alliances, just to check the members Towers (layout too?!?), Troops and Spells forgings.
Then, after checking my members strengths/weaknesses they can develop a better strategy to fight(or even farm) against us.

Thanks, but please don’t! ?

One of the things I love the most about this game, is that the enemy won’t know my base at 100%, even while looking at the map layout.

If they implemented that, the surprise factor would be totally removed.

PS: If you want to see your members layouts, create a forum or use an external chat (since flare doesn’t give us a good one ?) to discuss strategies and ideas between alliance members.
For example, on our alliance we use Discord for those matters.