If there's going to be an update, please give us a sneak peek

Morale is once again all time low among players with the recent disconnection issue and the suspiciously increase in numbers of pro league cheaters.


If there is going to be a major update as how many players here are speculating, a little sneak peek from Flare will be very much appreciated to lift the spirits of the players up again. It doesn’t have to be detailed. Just a small bite size sneak peek will do wonders.

In OR they have a detailed thread and a developer is always in touch with players which makes that awesome for players but here in ours we have to request again and again which is kinda shame being most downloaded game of flare  :grinning:

Since both do update close at the same time. OR version 4.0 will be release May 14th but CaptainMorgan say more around 21th. So I expect RR2 update come around May 30th close. So probably a little sneak peek availlabe in 1 week and half. Probably not before May 14th-19th. If Flare want to give us a sneak peek of course

If they give us a sneak peek, trailer or something about version 4.0, wouldn’t it be with more than 1 month before the release?

I don’t know… 2 weeks seems just so close…

Usually, gaming companies give some info some time in advance.

It doesn’t even have to be a trailer. A simple official announcement that says “stay tuned for a big upcoming update” is better than nothing.

You know how comunicatif flare is ?

Flare should focus to fix those basic problem first (how to fix bugs (freeze, disconnection, balancing,etc), how to prevent cheaters, etc) before make some features update (more levels, more stuff, etc).