if we can become inactive at any moment

Around October 6th I got my new PC and my previous broke. I didn’t know that inside there is a another adapter of wi-fi so I discover too late like 1 week after my neighbors have use my internet and I waste all my data of the month because of this. So in RR2 I don’t care you want to stop then you stop you lose close nothing but in Olympus Rising this game force you to stay in the game 24/7 like a no life so its a huge problem and like many i don’t like that. Whatever happen in your life or you want to go in vacation or whatever the reason you cannot stop playing it and if you do then you lose -200,-300 or more. Trophy in RR2 its not important but in Olympus Rising you need them for extra gold bonus and for reach top 1000 for Artemis Power.

So same after 2 years I really hope to see like in many games have a offline mode. You go in option and select ‘’ Put my account in inactive mode’’ so this way everyone who want to stop or take a break can do it without any consequence of losing trophy and I am stunning this feature still not in a online game like Olympus Rising

i really thing everyone will like it. I have need it this month but cannot use it because its not there :slightly_frowning_face: So same if I was busy and not present in OR I was forced to play it this month. I don’t like the fact you need 7 days of inactivity to become inactive and during this time you lose trophy. if we can have a option to become inactive on the moment will solve problem. Of course you cannot do anything in inactive mode

So please add a offline mode

I don’t see a plus side to an offline mode really. You can’t gain trophies while your offline, even if there was a way to play offline. That’s just not the way wi-fi works. If your offline you can’t attack other players that are across the world

I will change my title sorry its not about offline mode

I means you need to be inactive in 7 days before your account become inactive and during this time you lose 200,300 or more trophy. What i suggest its if we can put your account in inactive mode directly in option. So this way your account cannot be attacked and of course you cannot do anything in this mode

Good for vacation or else and when you are ready to return in the game and be active again you go in option and put once again your account in Active mode.

So in option a Active and inactive mode

Okay, I see now, then yes, I agree with this! It would actually be very helpful to have this option

I think that’s a neat idea. A couple of observations:

  1. It’s possible that this could be abused. I.e., someone could gain a bunch of trophies at night and then go into “inactive” mode to protect their trophies until the next time they play. Perhaps you would have to lose all access to the account for a set period of time (2 weeks?) if you choose to go inactive, to prevent abuse.

  2. The frequency that you are matched on other players’ islands is tied to how often you attack. So if you stop playing for a short period of time, say a day or 2 days, you will start to be matched much less often. This is already in place and helps prevent trophy loss for less active or inactive accounts.

For 1 of course if someone decide to go in inactive mode he cannot reverse back for at least 1 week. I have see this in a game I have play n the past on firefox name O10c. If someone wanted to go on vacation we was able to go in option and become in a vacancy mode or something like this. A red warning appear that we cannot reverse for 1 week. This help player who want to be away of OR for 1 week or more and at same time avoid the abuse of this system

For 2 I don’t have see the change about this. I have try to stop for 2 days and surprise when I have enter and see -67. I lose less by being very active then inactives with just -3,-9 and -37 in worst case. So be inactives its not a option right now

Vacation mode. The player has a certain number of days per year. He can take them when he needs and how much is needed.

I’d think it would have to be at least long enough so a player would miss a war, so at least 2 weeks. Otherwise it could be problematic.

All in all, though, the game designers probably don’t want players being locked out of the game for any length of time.