If you could change one thing from the ninja event what would it be ?

Let’s try something here. The ninja event has finally started and players have multiple problems with the concept. So let’s put on our game dev hat on and let’s try to fix it up.

The rules :

You can only fix one thing per post. One aspect. This way, the others will be able to vote (like) on the proposed fixes. To help the thread readability, put your suggestion  in bold and your comment/response in regular text

Your fix need to be balanced. Meaning free players can still get the same as paying players BUT Flare has to have some chance of gettingrevenue from it. You have to please everyone.

Let’s get constructive people! 

3 Individual suggestions :):

Show the total number of ninja coins per island including COF

Increase the total battle count to 40 (allowing for 10 retries/disconnects, COF ninja coin should only count once)

Unlock 5 islands at a time instead of 1

You didn’t read the rule didn’t you?

Make the cooldown shorter and let it unlock more than one island at a time, maybe 5.

Gove us our life back, no having to log on every time the ship reaches the next island, let us play in short spells as and when we can.

We do not all have unlimited time to play the game, work/school/life gets in the way sometimes :grinning:




Remove cooldowns. Let people do it st their own pace. Because why not? 

(Fixing all the damn crashing that totally screws up your chance at this event. But this should be a obvious thing so not my main point :stuck_out_tongue:  ) 

Thanks to your avatar, I can’t stop reading all of your post in Dwight’s voice. 

And I do agree about the cooldown. To me it’s the most annoying part of this event (I’m assuming that crashes are not supposed to be included in ninja events). I don’t see any purpose about his feature but to get player to spend gems. It doesn’t prevent any abuse or anything.

i skipped cooldowns…however flares cooldown time and sleep time dont correlate with reality…you cannot sleep 8 hours through…you have to set alarm every 2 1/2 hours to open new island


They should remove those low cooldowns and unlock maybe 10 fights per day, a lot of people has stated already that this system makes impossible for students or workers to play each island/boat just in time. So the idea I propose would let everyone play all the raids they want (10 max.) whenever they can in the day. I understand that Flare doesn’t want everyone to finish the event immediately, so something like that would keep everyone from doing that.

Well we could share our account with a friend from the other side of the planet. This way, there is no night time :grinning:

And what if both are workers/students? It wouldn’t be of much help then.

Has to be the irritating cooldown. It would still be better like do 10 battles & then gulp down a 10hr cooldown.

The most annoying thing is cooldown and next the theme of the islands, im getting confused i cant really dodge snake towers on corners coz im taking right turn instead of left turn,every time in evrry island it is happening.

hope FG fix this soon.

Cool down must be removed.

After few times this type of event will play maybe 30 % of players if cooldown stays if so. It is like normal tournament. If I have chance to win or end at least 2nd or 3rd I invest my time for gems reward.


This time I play above 4000 trophies and never again.Now I am at 50 th place in tournament for what lauzy 500 pearls and few legendary boxes. Mark my words never again.




Its not normal that you win all,  spend gems,  open all cof,  and u cant win any uber chests just because u missed 1  tower… 

Reward per Investment has to be way better.

Rewards: everything other than decent (!) uber chests is crap. Same for pearls (50 pearls, really?!).
I talk about the average here, not top 3 places for 2% (?) of the Players.

Investment: Invasion of RR2 in real life, spent time, gems

Decent uber chests and pearls have to be reachable on average with an average Investment.
No, these waiting times are NOT an average investment into a game.

I vote fix the bugs. That the worst part of this event.