If your favorite season is War...

Then we are the alliance for you! TheNorthWind is an English-speaking alliance seeking new members who love to participate as much as possible during a war season. In fact, about the only thing that will get you kicked out is not participating in a war. And none of these donation requirements or number of trophies either. All we ask is that you be about level 40 or above, and be an active player. We offer the usual gold percentage boosts and tax benefits (for a small,relatively new alliance they’re pretty good!!)… Plus our leader and generals are very good at providing as many war and elite boosts and treasure chests as possible during the war season, as well as giving advice about the game whenever a player needs it (I can vouch for this personally!). We’re a good fit for someone who has some experience with the game, but is looking to improve their skills while helping to win as much war booty as possible (yeah, we’re kinda greedy that way!). :slight_smile:


Interested? Apply for membership at TheNorthWind. We look forward to having you join us. 

We also share open base info between seasons. Currently active boosts: Dragomancer and Doomgate

Come and join before the end of tomorrow and you will get gem chests from our alliance tower upgrades

Join before the next war season and enjoy double boosted paladins

If you need an alliance for this war come fight with us! Level 40+ accepted no min donation required

Double boosted paladins are the BEST!


Though I’m not sure my opponents would agree…





…on our opponents!


TheNorthWind has won a war and conquered four fiefdoms…all without losing a single battle!


In fact, thanks to the combined efforts of our existing and NEWEST members, we have, since we first started recruiting:


–INCREASED our alliance level!

–INCREASED our alliance ranking!

–INCREASED our tax level so we will be able to provide our members with more boosts!

–INCREASED the level of our gold bonus (and that means MORE GOLD FOR YOU WITH EACH VICTORY)!!!


Want to join us? All we ask is that you be around hero-level 40 or above (experience counts–and we’re happy to share ours with all of our alliance members!) and be an enthusiastic and ACTIVE player during each war season. That’s it. NO donation requirements! NO minimum trophy requirements. Like we said above, about the only thing that will get you booted is not to participate in each war season.


Interested? Apply today and help us to grow bigger, stronger and more VICTORIOUS!

Running blazing knight/surprise mummy combo as well as dragofrosters right through til next war season starts

Sick of another war season where a significant number of your fellow alliance members are nowhere to be seen? Have you never been in an alliance before and would like to not only enjoy the excitement of a competitive war season, but all the booty that goes along with both? Have you played for a while, but would like to improve your skills?

That’s where you come in. TheNorthWind have cleaned house and have become a lean mean fighting machine, winning new fiefs in each of our last five war seasons. But we want to grow bigger.

Yes, we offer the elite, war and gold boosts associated with all alliances. But we also offer something more: more participation by our members, more help from them for anyone who wants to improve their skills (my personal trophy count has gone up about 60-70% since I joined, thanks in large part to the help and tips other alliance members have given me).

Some things we don’t require for membership: a minimum trophy count; required gold donations (though our members all pretty much donate on a daily basis). All we ask is that you have a basic amount of experience (say level 40 or so) and enthusiasm. As we have noted before, pretty much the only thing that will get you booted is NOT participating in the war seasons.

Our doors are open. We want to welcome YOU as our newest member. Join us today!

As UG said we have placed top three for the last five seasons against overwhelming odds. Every single member fights and we never give up!

We welcome anyone level 40+ who wants to try us out for a season to experience the magic of a dedicated fighting team. Donations not required.

Mine is autumn

Autumn is my favorite weather season too. You should join us.:slight_smile:

In fact, we just completed our SIXTH CONSECUTIVE WAR SEASON WITH A GAIN IN FIEFS. Yes–that’s top three against much bigger alliances six times in a row!

All we need to grow bigger is YOU!  As Phage said above, every single member fights and we never give up!

Join us and experience the difference! No donation limit required just full commitment to war. Try us for a season and give your feedback

We can take it. And we’ll give you as much help as we can.

Hey, we’re that kind of alliance. :slight_smile:

Make that seven in a row

Still a few places left so get in before the next war season

Hey guys we are back on top sitting pretty and looking for a few more war-maniacs to join us ?


Level 40+

No donation requirement

You must fight in war

These are the final few hours to join before the war season starts. We will be closed to new members during war.

Running double boosted archers once war starts ?