IGN and Duplicates

Can you atleast allow players to change thier IGN more than once? And please do something about duplicate unique items.(Please make a system that stop producing duplicate)

I already have 32 uniques about of which 12 are duplicate.

Already answered:

HOLYDIVINE, I moved your suggestions in a separate topic… Don’t hijack my other thread please buddy.  :slight_smile:

We know that some players would change their IGN with bad intentions.

A solution to this is to add a unique ID or serial number and also the IGN and Alliance history to the player’s info screen. Something like this for example:

Tomaxolympus S/N: 1234567890 IGN History Alliance History

I think it’s something that the devs could implement.

I am only frustrated ? that they taking so long to bring this feature.

They do plan to bring it in future but don’t know when? which makes me feel even more sad about this situation ?

Sounds to me a poor decision by FG - I mean if you’re charging 500 gems for a name change, and someone wants to put a rude name - well the devs can block the account of whatever - or change it to something they prefer if it’s offensive. 

Many players would spend gems to change their name - and I think give just one or two chances isn’t excessive. Could even progressively increase the cost so it can’t happen often.  FG would get some revenue from it, and I just don’t see the huge negatives that they stated.  

I’m with @HOLYDIVINE on this one. Lame excuses, just reeks of laziness not to implement helpful features, that they can control.

Don’t you have players who you’ve kicked from your alliance and who you would not take back under any circumstances? Players who are untrustworthy or who cause drama?

The odd player; which if they want to change their name and return then fine, but must be at a cost, and further times at higher cost if they wish to continue to try and disrupt things. A solution could be to create a thread advising of all name changes that have happened  and is updated by Madlen maybe. I don’t think the list would be very long given it would incur a cost.

Or they could just keep it like it is and they don’t have to make a list or deal with complaints about spies. 

Yes they could keep the whole game the way it is…never improve anything…awesome.  

They’d be no complaints if the list was accessible with the names changes displayed. Would probably increase hostility towards the dumb alliance trying to send spies - so I’m not really bothered about spies, just think the name change option isn’t so ‘dangerous’ as it was made out to be. Just here in OR apparently.

And I see it as a change that only a few people have ever asked for with the potential for abuse. I’d hate if any resources were put towards this while there are actual bugs out there and no new content for 5 months and counting. What a waste.

Every other online game allows to change name but not OR.

And reason given aren’t that great.(seriously trolling what about In game chat window, player use it to abuse other players, i have seen that on more than one occasion)

I and some people are just to unhappy with our IGN.

I personally would like to change mine ?

I don’t care about spies as island trading is a worse practice in Titan leagues than spies ???


i don’t know if some of you have play Cloud Raiders?

first try is free. 2nd i don’t remember let’s say 20 gems, 3rd try 40 gems, 4th try 80 gems 5th time 160 gems 6th times 320 gems and so on…

or cna be like linking a account 1 time per year so here can be allow change name 1 time per year but i prefer pay gems and have like 6 or 7 try

That’s an awesome way of doing things - not just the name change logic, but the infinite linking of accounts in this game make a joke of the trophy leader board as we know. Account sharing is rotten here. 

What about duplicate unique items?

Game should allow players do more with them .Just allowing cursing them is not enough.

Of course bugs and new content should always be prioritized over suggestions, no doubt about that. You’ve already summarized the bugs in that excellent thread here:

If you want to be heard by the devs, go there everyday and let them know in the Bugs forum.

But this thread is about suggestions.

I like this perfect comment from AriesRising:

You should read and reread his wonderful post here:


This type of comments is very regressing. We know the OR devs team is relatively small with limited resources, but do you want the game to be 100% made of ideas from devs only? Wouldn’t that be boring? We want the game to be progressed not regressed.

Do you know that some of my suggestions are actually a fruit of collab between me and other players?

Some of them are afraid to post and asked me to be their voice and post suggestions on their behalf, because you often criticize their ideas badly. They don’t post anymore and they’re only lurking around here. That’s bad for the community.  :slightly_frowning_face:

Now back to the main subject, changing IGN is a very common option in many other games. Even the devs told that it is not off their list. Unique IDs/serial numbers and IGN changes logs already exist in other games. It’s a matter of time and cost ofc, but in long term it could only be beneficial.

In long term, it’s better to automate it, as Madlen prefers automated tasks over manual ones.


@CaptainMorgan please can do you something about duplicate unique items?

as of now we can recurse a duplicate unique item but some players have already found more than 30 unique items which is more than the current unique item list of all heroes.(every hero has two and Artemis has one,which makes total unique items as 24 including apple of discord)

My question is how can we make duplicate unique items useful ?They take extra space in total item storage.we can’t sell them for a good price too.

many suggestions have been given in this regard by many players but we never got any answer on those posts.

Now you are back,can you please answer this question about unique items?what do you have in mind about duplicate unique items?Are you going to solve this issue?

P.S.  Can you please increase the limit of changing name in game from one time to two or maybe three time?

I think it would be nice for example after every 15 unique items or cursed chests that you then get to chose your unique or have a 50/50 of getting the one you want. I’ve had around 50 uniques +cursed chests in total, that’s about half discovered normally and half cursed and re-cursed etc. I’m still missing a couple of lesser important ones, but it’s still a little frustrating to never find the last one or two. I mean the odds aren’t good but the cost is still pretty high.