ign change prank

This post is serving to warn my fellow friends. My ign is no longer buuks due to my wife or greasy screen prank. I would like to write new name but it is ridiculous bunch of letters which I cannot read properly due to fact I am a bit dyslectic.

I ask customer support to change back my original name but they have refused my request. What actually make me angry and pissed off that customers support ask me bunch of information in several mails which I answered in timely manner and after all that they said no. We cannot do that for you. Well you should said that in a first mail and not to 5 th.

So in order that something similar happens to you use your chance to change your name into same or similar one and lock a possibility that someone or your faulty greasy screen to it for you.



Talk about support following the book and having no independent thought / leeway.

obviously changing to a new name they can reject. But changing back to your original right after it was changed to a random jumble of letters is a no brainer.

Yeah, that should be like a snap of the fingers for flaregames…although, I know of some people who are unable to do that :lol: 

Ha ha ha and take a look how letters looks on my keyboard.how they are in groups where is position of change name icon.

So at least I know it is greasy screen fault.

It’s a big problem. They should allow one more option to change the name and also all the names irrespective of the country should be English. It is unfair that when you search (I felt it long time back) you cannot search specific names whereas everybody can search you.


Whats wrong with your keyboard? Its a normal US layout, nothing special.

Like I said before.

My new name is corresponding with letters and icon for changing name which means that screen of mobile phone was living its own life while was in my pocket.?

What’s wrong with your new name ? I was going to name my newborn son Kjkkkkloppol , and now your telling me that is a ■■■■■■ name ?