How can you have the same logins? Unless the keyboard works differently …

I’ve seen this many times while recruiting.  I think what happens is when you do a player search, it brings up the players at that moment who fit your search criteria.  Since the game itself  does not stop while you are searching  (It’s live or “dynamic”), those online that are currently fighting may be right in the middle when the search query is made and it may show both the “before” and “after” trophy count.  I have only seen two  at a time, never six like that though.  So I may be completely wrong ?



Players just use the same name and add some blanks at the end. That’s the trick.





and so on.

I have to try. : D

If that’s true… then the developers really screwed that up.

Usually in development for usernames, identifiers and unique stuff, you trim the spaces at the beginning and the end, so you don’t allow dummy stuff like this to happen.