Igni Ferroque - Level 17 - English - Hero lvl req 20

Hello everyone,

Igni Ferroque (Latin for ‘with fire and iron’) is looking for new members.  We are a new Alliance and moving up quickly.  We are currently level 17.  We are 10 active members strong and currently ranked at 3,364 and getting 12% gold bonus.  We have 17 fiefdoms and 7% tax bonus.  We are looking to have fun and help answer any questions you have.

All we ask at this time is that you participate in the Alliance wars, look to grow, remain active (inactive for certain reasons are of course acceptable), and donate daily to help our Alliance grow further.

We have done very well in wars thus far winning 4 out of the last 5 and know we can continue to do more with your help!

Hope to see you out there!



bump!      need 1 more to take part in the next wars! c’mon!

Bumpity bump!