Ignoranz and Egoismuss

Would like once describing what many have small alliances betrifft.Ich itself a subject an alliance level 36 mostly Elite Boost continuously activated Knight 7 archers 4 Barricade 3 times! Orger 2 costs a lot of gold without additional donations almost hard to finanzieren.Die donations alone are not enough to permanently aktivieren.Mein eigendliches concern relates to more referrals to the new Mitglieder.Ich’m always looking for people to donate the lot, and because the dog begraben.Viele rejections is basic but should any known sein.Die meissten want strong Elite Boost, which it does not matter what the cost they are gedient.Ich haubsache find that there are many egoists, and think only of themselves and not to Allianz as it should be the aim to evaluate higher bekommen.Ich have so many to cancel the already established it hurts the one so much ignorance and Egoismuss in this game represent ist.Einige should have more respect for the people who formed an alliance have because many of them have real money ausgeben.Viele get it and go into an alliance that is normal, but the saddest thing is if you do not Boost Elite has many go back out of the alliance also often it erlebt.Naja are enough alliances where what’s going on ist.Ich find many know überhaubt not what really want, or they are just the boost Schnurrer the only use and do not leave a donation when they exited from alliance that is a fact but really shameful the behavior of these Leute.Ich want anybody awake here but shake maybe move some to think, you have not much to lose if you join a smaller alliance it is not gold that glitters, is the smaller alliances times a chance because without alliances there is no boost.Aber I would say many do not care which, Well they have to stop live with, but I can proudly say I did it to level 36 alone Store and will continue to get along without you, you can too, who founded no alliance? END

the perfect  argument to proove that Bable fish  $*µcks…

Haha! I can read it :slight_smile:


But it’s true: the boosts are too expensive. You can either expand the alliance or pay for the boosts.

Most people are selfish and only want the boosts, not the alliance to become stronger. And it’s a

nightmare to get them to donating every day and high enough amounts. And to get new loyal members

for everyone you had to kick …

So, getting to level 36 is quite an achievement. Congratulations. I’m in an alliance level 18, where it

seems to be too much to even donate 1k gold whenever you are online (not all members, of course).

Only half the members seem to accept the fact, that donating gold as much as possible is needed

and a key element of the game.