ignored by the support

I have contacted the support 2! Days ago! 48 hours and I still didn’t get a response. What do you have to do to get a response? I guess the support doesn’t work on the weekdays either. I have a major problem in game, regarding the blacksmith event and they just keep ignoring the message. It’s urgent, I have already lost 2 days of the event because they don’t respond. I guess you need to be a big spender to get a response. It would be nice if I could get a response soon and not after the event, cause then it will be too late



nah u just need to be able to sing and dance well to get the responce afaik :slight_smile:

Now I got a response after my topic here. First of all, I get a response in very bad German. Which was probably Google translator german. Then I check my compensation in game, which was 200 gems! A big joke.

To tell you what happened. The event started, I have forged everything as usual, just like I always do after the start of the event. Later that day, I check my stuff and see that everything has a cooldown of over 6! days. Now I couldn’t forge anything because of that. Then I have contacted the support and got a response 2 days later, like mentioned above. Every cooldown costs over 1k gems to skip. And they give me 200 gems and say “here you have some gems to skip the cooldown”. What should I do with 200 gems? I guess they either didn’t read my ticket, or just don’t care. I guess they saw my topic here and just quickly tried to make me Happy. But wrong. They don’t care about their customers at all. They should’ve fixed that cooldown problem, resetting everything instead of quickly trying to compensate someone to shut him up

Because of them, I have lost about 12 weeks worth of forgings. And that’s their response/compensation. We have a week long blacksmith event and I can’t do anything because of them. Just great. Thanks for nothing

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This is really not a surprise considering what is going on lately. First, this is something easy to verify on Flare side because they log all the user events in their database. Nobody bothered to even check it, it clearly should have shown the exact time you started the forging. I bet you received the standard 200 gem compensation to look like they did something and shut you up. Pathetic. I, myself did not receive the Trivia gems as of right now. Unbelievable. 

Yes, that indeed is the standard compensation, I have received that one before. They should investigate this case, cause it’s about something really important. We all know that missing a blacksmith event is huge. You can forge your stuff at least 12 times in a week, instead of 1 time. Now I’m here, can’t do anything. That sucks. I’m sure they would’ve done everything if one of the big spenders had the same issue. I hope the “support” can look into this, not just for a minute. I already lost almost half of the event. Would be nice if you could forward the message


I just contacted the support again. A new ticket. This time in English, so that they understand it. I hope they’ll investigate this case and help this time and not just ignore it like they did since Monday! They know that they’ve messed something up, cause they wouldn’t send a “compensation”(which was a joke) if there wasn’t a mistake from their side, cause we know that they don’t like giving stuff for free. They should look into it ASAP. Make sure that they see it, @GalaMorgane

while i sympathize with your issue, enough with the tagging Gala.

Just stop and think what would happen if Gala intervened, every man and his dog will make a new topic and tag Gala for every support request.

edit: you already got lucky with a response within a week, my last request took 1.5months before they replied.

What would you do, if you wouldn’t be able to forge anything during the entire blacksmith event? Just sit there and wait until the event is over? I have waited 2 days and didn’t get a response, after this topic and tagging, I got a response, which wasn’t satisfying at all. If you just sit there and do nothing, you’ll never get a response. I wouldn’t have to tag anyone, if they would do their job  properly, especially the support team

Hello there,

While I understand your issue and the frustration it may causes, I can see that our Customer Support Team handled your tickets already.

I’m afraid there is nothing else I can do about that.

Many thanks,


They have responded after my latest comment. I’m in contact with them and hope that they keep responding to my Messages. But you can’t say that they have handled it, it’s still not fixed, not at all.

Thank you