IL recruiting

Immortal Legend wants you.

Are you a dedicated king or Queen? Can you be active during all wars? Can you donate daily? If you said yes to all, we encourage you to apply.

A little about us. We’re a newer clan that consists of 24 members and growing quickly. We range from 1900-3000 in trophies. We’ve won 5 of the last 9 seasons. We’re friendly, honest, helpful and outgoing. We recently started a Facebook page and encourage everyone to stop by and say hello.

We are looking for active new players who participate daily in regular play and wars. English speaking is a plus but not a requirement. Donating is mandatory! We boost for wars. Most of all we want you to have a great attitude.

If you’re interested in joining introduce yourself here or on our Facebook page.

Thanks for your interest in Immortal Legend,