illuminati5 (2000+ trophies) and I.C.E. (2000- trophies)


We still need 3 members, come and send an apply.

We have one spot left for illuminati5, come join us!


We have two spots left in I.C.E.

We are looking for two more members.

But medals are speculative on king level o.O Like after I bought the +5 level package, now everyone only gives me 29 medals each, whereas before they gave 500+


Exactly. At my level and the level we are requesting, they need to be a 300+ to me when I look at the attack screen before the invite.

Ahhh, I see. I thought you were only looking for defense, but you want to factor level in as well (: Smart


Thank you. I typically invite my level, then the 300+ medals are a good average. Then we test their base when they join. Offer suggestions. WAR SEASON is the true definer. Who is loosing the most skulls is called out and we work with them to improve defenses.

All, we have 4 more spots available. We are in “Apply to join” status. Post a message here with your IGN and I will check you out.

Joe do you have any recommendations for an alliance? I’m new but growing fast but can’t seem to find active alliance for me.


Come to I.C.E., if you are new. When you meet the requirements above, you can hop over to illuminati5. Post you in-game name (IGN) and I can take a look.


EDIT: invited you to I.C.E. Get the LINE chat app and ask in in-game chat how to set it up. This will connect you with people from illuminati5 and I.C.E. Some are more experienced than others, but you will find the help you need.

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