illuminati5 - disband (Joekee quit RR2)

Alliance Disband and Joekee quit the game.

We still need 16 memebers in illuminati5




We still need 6 memebers in I.C.E.

Hi all, we are still looking for 11 active players in Illuminati5!


-Alliance level: 25 (19/30 players)

-Gold Bonus: +20%

+8% Tax

-1st rank in last war season (all battles won)

-boosts 24/7 (Blazing Knights)



-2000+ Trophies

-Donate 50k+

-Make daily donations

-Win at least 1700+ skulls/battle

-Install free chat app LINE


Send us an application in game


IGN: _OverLord_ , General of Illuminati5

Perfectly said OverLord and thank you for filling in the details!

Hey man I added your ad a friend to see if you’d be willing to take on a few of my current Clan members. They are very active during wars, always donate. And are all around good guys. They range from 2k-2500. I added you as a friend if it’s something you’d be willing to consider


Glad to have you buddy!!!

We still have a few more slots open. Check out the requirements and join I.C.E. or apply to the luminati5.

The alliance doesn’t exist anymore; the boss got crazy and deleted it after kicking everybody out.

Explanation for our members who were kicked and were only said it was my fault for making him become so angry: War season started, the general that had to begin the first battle was at work and after 5 minutes still didn’t declared war (obviously can happen, this is the game); I read in private chat the boss’ opinion on which alliance to attack, I was ok with that and I declared; he(Joekee) was livid (as almost every day for everything as you all can read on the forum in many sections); then the general connected and said just thank you and he became even more angry cause he suddenly wanted to discuss strategy before attacking (we never made cause our general come from different countries and work or sleep at that time, that’s why one general has to declare war). That’s all, I had to explain cause he accused me just before kicking everybody out from line without giving me the opportunity to explain.

IGN: _OverLord_

You explained yourself. I simply asked you to not kick people before discussing it with me. You kicked people without discussing this with me. I told you several times that my alliance had been emptied twice by generals. This was a sour area for me and wanted you to run this past me; however, you kept on kicking. Then I started a discussion of WAR SEASON strategy in General LINE chat our strategy and how I thought we should proceed. You did not respond and I was talking to another General in Facebook Messenger about our strategy. You decide to make the first call on where to attack without even responding in LINE. We have an hour and 15 minutes of lenensy to start battles. You kept making calls like you were the Leader and you were not. For future reference, suggesting things and sticking to the role you were assigned is best. You were not assigned WAR SEASON management, that was assigned to another general. Your assignment was to manage in-game and LINE chat. I hope you enjoy being upset as you have upset me several times. Remember your role in the future and not over step the line. Also, be sure to include the whole reason of me disbanding members and not try to make me out to be a heartless person. I stated I had enough with Flaregames, I am quoting the game, and explqined why. Then I stated you made me angry. Involving my frustration in other posts is irrelevant and uncalled for here because my angry complaints are shared in the community, are valid, and I am not the only one that has been angry and vented.

You should also read the rules before you post. Bashing users on the forums can get your account suspended or banned. In the future, send this stuff in a PM to me directly as the issue is between you and I, not the entire community.

The post wasn’t to you; there was an information to all the players in the forum (the alliance doesn’t exist anymore) and a message to all other players in our ally that I couldn’t write to 'cause you didn’t understand that this is a game!!

And please don’t add other motivations that are fake btw, cause you always used me to kick people as if you didn’t have the kick botton (and you never complaint when I kicked somebody for not following the rules); my replys stop here, my only purpose was to inform the forum and the ex alley of the end of the alliance and of its reason.

Then we have both done the explains task. Just be careful how you word this. Your tone is bashing, not explaining.