illuminati5 seeking one replacement

illuminati5 Alliance | 28/30 Members | 29% Gold Bonus (8% Tax - 19 Fiefdoms) | Maintain Level 6 Blazing Knights | 255 rank | 73k trophies -



Hey its barrat im down to join if u guys are ok with it.

Donation is off a little but everything else pretty close.


I cannot find barrat in the trophy section of Royal Revolt 2. I looked for you IGN (in-game name) and could not find it there either.

I found your IGN “Bar Rat.” Why does that sound familiar :slight_smile:


You are a bit off on donations. Do you have the gems or plan for the gems to upgrade?


Total of 600 gems and a total of 1d 18h of upgrade loan on your workers to go from your level to 75k.


I have a shady person in the alliance right now that I can clear to get you in. 


Invite sent.

You no my ign beacuse u wanted to test bases and u did mine twice. I am waiting 12 hours then can start tower.

Kusura bakmayın…

Sizin için üzgün nelerdir?

Okay. Thank you for kicking off the tower upgrade.

We still need two more members to come and join.