Im curious. Top alliances have NEXT War Seasons winning boosts already, how?

I cant help but be completely baffled. As you can see on one of the screenshots, they aren’t even available to buy yet!

maybe they got it because they prolonged it from the last war that provided those boosts…or because the war already ended… 

oPelle said that hypothesis before and i assumed it but I also heard that noone can prolong things once the war finishes

There’s a difference. You can prolong the seasonal war boosts u get from winning wars, utterly expensive by the way.

But u can’t prolong those special war boosts that change every season beyond that particular war season.

Many time ago I heard that some alliances have 100++ prepaid days of boosts.


Maybe it was before limitations, and we need to wait until it ends? (but they still keep winning and prolonging in that case)

I don’t really think its fair but for some reason the teams spend loads of real money on the game which goes straight to Flare, so that wont stop.

You CAN prolong normal war season boosts as long as you want. You CANNOT prolong seasonal war boosts past the end of the war season. Which is a good thing - I mean, imagine boosted double-boosted arrow towers that when they die spawn double-boosted archers!

You can prolong it until the next war season in which it can be won again. If you lose the season in which it can be won again, you can no longer prolong the boost, and you lose it. If you win the season, you can continue to prolong the boost until the next season in which it can be won again. In the case of your screenshot, Apoc won those boosts 2 weeks ago, and have been prolonging them since. They can either win or lose those boosts in the upcoming war season.