I'm damn tired!!! Help me!!!

As in the object… i’m really tired of being raided at 100% from almost all player at my level… where am i wrong?


Blockades are all liv 9, towers liv 2-4, waves all at 24 (next liv cost 4M each! Ouch!) Thanks for any suggestion for improvements!

That’s the problem of towers: have towers level 2-4 is like have nothing in the path because you can destroy them very fast. You should concentrate on upgrade your Snake Towers also.

How are structured your waves ? I suggest you to put 1 froster on each wave to slowdown through the long chokepoint, how many paladins did you put on your waves? For example in 1 wave try to put 4 paladins, 1 froster and 3 arblasters and some long ranger so a swordrain won’t able to kill this wave immediately.

Try in your waves also to put Gargoyles because they can hit on the other side; lot of gargoyles can help you at start maybe in the first 2 waves 1 froster and gargoyles or 1 ogre and gargoyles.

I have already one froster per wave (btw, i have frosters at max level). You suggest Gargoyles… ok i’ll try them. I’m already upgrading everything i can, the snake towers are already at liv 4.


So for the moment… i have to wait to upgrade towers… thanks! :slight_smile:



P.S. Solo ora mi sono reso conto che sei italiano :wink:

Which base setup i should use? Really don’t know… :slightly_frowning_face:

With which troop/ spell-combination does your enemies 100% your base? Maybe we can change something against this combination.

Anything… real any combination. Try yourself :slightly_frowning_face:

^^ I would beat your base only with hammerstrike and mummy… Maybe you think about joining an alliance with good boosts or redesign your base, because it is too common.

Or try my unique base design (I call it “broken-heart-shape“). I like to use Firebolt towers in corner to kill cannons from distance. But in my rank all are raiding with boosted archer and knights, so I have to put Skulls in corner. :slightly_frowning_face:

its normal that you are farmed by everyone when you have low level tower , just keep upgrading your tower and waves.Think about the placement and design later.

Boosteds barricades would help you a lot, same with archers and arblaster boosters, try to get them. Good luck!

  1. Shift your entire base 1 space to the left. This will allow that Firebolt, the only one facing towards the tent, to pummel down upon any cannons.

  2. With the extra space you have on the first stretch, put one of your blockades there. The blockade you have on the first chockpoint, once moved to the left, will be useless anyway, so move it to the new space.

  3. Blockades are becoming useless. Not only are they more expensive than Barricades, and have only 60% of the HP of Boosted Barricades, but their ice weakness also makes them vulnerable to the new Elite Arblasters. If any of your Blockades are not yet maxed, focus on a Barricade instead.

  4. As for waves, try to make sure that you have strong Melee units (Ogre, Werewolf, Paladin) in the first waves, and ranged units in the waves after that. Ranged units’ only advantage is when they can’t be attacked back. Ergo, by putting ranged units in your first wave, you’re getting no real advantage. By putting too many Melee units in your next waves, they’re the ones at a disadvantage. Judging by the length of your base, I would make the first 4 waves Melee, and the next 4 waves Ranged. Remember, too, that the first 4 waves come out twice. So that means that your second Melee path, will also be full of Melee units [:

Hey those frost tower on your base is not working either although that gargoyle tower at the last is causing players to get 98% rather than 100%… :stuck_out_tongue:

Because I attacked on your base after reading your comment here just to check your base and took your cups:p

My ign-maghadheera

My combo spells-bladestorm,firestorm

Units-cannons and frosters

You can try my base:)