Im done with flaregames

Im done with flaregames, i created a team in 3 weeks im already in rank 300s, this game is over the top in different aspects but worst of all is your wars, incant communicate with players at all and its affecting my gaming victories, were in a war, i know we could win but lack of communication is affecting my team. I lost interest in wasting my time on people and these type of games, im done creating winning teams for players to ruin it.

Also charging players viles to travelontop of fighting is scandelous, uneven pair ups within my isles also putting me off and preventing me to level. Thiers alot i could mention but im not wasting my time, it only falls on deaf ears and ignorance, these will be my last few days watching to see how it pans out during war then im handing it over to my officer, i rather pay for a game i enjoy

In-Game chat is used for basic communication, if you struggle to communicate then you could create a group on your favourite messenger app and invite your team there to speak. Almost all top teams have a Line chat. 

About the other thing you mention, it may be a little harder for new players to “get going”, but if you develop a strategy it is totally possible to level up. 

That’s not to say that in-game messaging couldn’t be improved. Just being able to direct message players would be super good.