I'm looking for a place where I can become stronger everyday :)

Hi leaders, I’m now lvl 57( try to slow down my hero lvl=)), more than 2k trophies and donate 75k per day (but I’ll soon upgrade my alliance tower)

I hope to join a team where I can have a better condition to grow up.

Bem, you can join my alliance Little HUNS. We have blazing knights boost active 24x7 and other boosts during war.

thank you so much, @rudrAgni

But I hope a better choice. Because my current alliance has blazing knights and power archer 24/24 already :slight_smile:

GOLD DIGGERS. We run boosted knights, archers and barricades. Right now each has 2 + days on them and 11 million in the treasury. Check us out, maybe we are the one for you.