I'm not in the Pro-League ranking!Bug!


I have 2 issues:

  1. I have no 1670 points earned in “Beast cup” Pro-league.

  2. And I earned 1518 points in current Pro-league"Easter cup", but there are no any my results in overall rating. 

I have screenshots of my achievements and I can provide them as arguments.

Great thanks to your team for understanding and helping!!!

Looks like same issue another player had last PL. 


You should send a ticket to support team asap and with Easter break around the corner just hope for the best. 

The issue has been fixed for the player who had same issue last time but he had to wait basically to the end of PL so there is some hope for you as well :slight_smile:

Yesterday I sent a request to the support team, but so far no one has answered me.??                                    GalaMorgan,  can you do something about this??

Hey Pavelp,

We are really sorry about this, please bear with the Customer Support, they were off on weekend and today is a bank holiday. 

They will make sure to get back to you asap. 

Thank you for reacting! I hope everything can be corrected …?

Disturbingly, until the end of the Pro-League 4h 30m … And nothing has changed, and not corrected …???

out of curiosity, did you get your rewards ?

Not affected by the bug above.
But with Rank 102, three chests and only palfood and gems in them, not even 2k crystals as only extra? That seems bugged too. Never received less than 2k crystals.

Why should we spend money on PL-Tickets? Bugs, cheaters, no good rewards, very small Pro-Shop, collecting Pro-Pals for the Alliance won’t really work since you never know when Flare is taking them out…
Almost the only reason is the Pro-Boosts right now…

I received a reward for this Pro-League.) But I still have not gotten medals for the “Beast Cup” (1670). These medals (1670) simply disappeared. And now in the monthly table I have medals only with this Pro-League. Although I have a subscription and I participate in every Pro-League. (((

Hello there,

Following the Live Server Update, this issue should be solved. Could you please confirm everything is now fine?

Many thanks,


Hello Gala, My monthly ranking which was fine until the maintenance today, the leaderboard is now showing an erroneous ranking. I was ranked around 125 in the monthly pro leaderboard and now I’m ranked 1,421 with points of 1 pro league missing. :slightly_frowning_face:

same here ./

Hello there,

Sorry you are encountering this problem but thanks @KKStar and @HoHo for the report. I’m feedbacking the Devs teams and I’ll let you know once I have more details about that.

Many thanks,


It has been fixed now for me! :slight_smile:

Yes, thank you, now everything is fixed!??

Hi there, it happened again… i played 1-2 hours ago the pro und now my points from the first pro in this month disappeared! would be nice it will be fixed as fast as last time.

I have your same problem.

I am having the same problem with this month pro league I am only being given points for second week. Problem occurred during  weekend connection issues and has not been resolved for me as of yet.

Hello there,

After checking with the Devs, it should be fixed now.

Could you confirm it’s all working now please? @HoHo @REVOLTROYAL @Iceman7

Many thanks,


Thx a lot ? its fixed now!