I'm so confused right now...

I recently bought a Warrior’s Package, and a lot of changes have happened since:

  1. I got raided by a boatload of people, lessening my trophies by 100

  2. I get less gold and medals per raid

  3. As opposed to the typical 35k EXP per raid, I now just got 85k EXP from a raid

How exactly /does/ level affect your rewards?

I am not sure of the formula but I believe it mainly depends on your trophy level.


This page may help you a bit: http://royal-revolt-2.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Attacking

You lost trophies since now new players are eligible for attacking you with decent rewards. It will result in trophies lost, since the people attacking you previously will still find you eligible; in fact you will give them better rewards than usual.


You get less gold and medals because for your level you _should _be able to defeat higher level bases than you really are. Remember, only your king level increased, not your spells, units, or equipment.


EXP increases with level. Remember back when you were level one? 1 raid, and you were level 2. 2 more, and you were level 3…

Total: 501 members (potential)


See 1st message :slight_smile:



Сумма мест в альянсах для игроков достигла 501 ! :slight_smile:


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