I'm tired .. And you??

I’m tired of Conquest … It’s just a meaningless event, a waste of money, a waste of nerves … I think you need to completely remove the battles in it … And just to compete in the construction of towers … In any case, most of the responsibility falls to the generals … Let them calmly build, without the stress around the clock … There is no other way out … Otherwise, many players will stop playing …?

Let’s hope the royal guardians that are coming soon, will play conquest for us and that we only have to watch, no participation required (of course the guardian can’t spend gold and gems, otherwise we end up all completely broke). 

I like the conquest, but it demands too much time online from players and the cycle of 3 weeks is just not good. There should be 2 war seasons plus 2 ninja events and only then, something like conquest should occur. 

This conquest is just a little bit too extreme due to small map. We have a lot of wars, we win most of them and immediately lower players of the other team keep jumping on top of the players who don’t move out fast enough. Only intention of that is to keep players as long as possible nailed to a tile. There is no fun in that. Actually there would be a way to prevent it. A tile where a war just has ended, should be not attackable for several hours. That gives players time to leave that tile and go elsewhere. 


Me 2. Time consumption of this event steels all plesure of playing this game. But I think it is the way it will be ?

Hi guys,

We are still working on Conquest improvements to come. Especially some things that should help leaders and generals in particular. Your feedback is very valuable to us and I think I can speak for me and the devs when I say we don’t want Conquest to make you feel tired. I am continuously forwarding your feedback. ??‍♀️

Excellent suggestion. 

Form a Max alliance full of Max dev accounts (meaning lvl130, lvl10 regular beasts and lvl4-5 pro beasts, Max lvl pals, 33-34% skull, full items, Max lvl and +100 forged troops spells and towers, lvl8 conquest buildings).

Then join the next Conquest in the top tier and play it just like we all do, against top alliances. 

Until something like that happens, i dont think the devs will really understand Conquest and the impact it’s having on players. 

They dnt understand or they have no ability to fix


And then stream it live on Twitch or something showing how they play the game, otherwise they could literally just key in the results from their end while the players’ screen will show they have been successfully raided by the opponents.

Lets just assume a code of honor. :grinning:

The real challenge is competing in the event and doing the rest of their lives as usual (work, family, etc).

Until that happens, they won’t be able to feel the struggle/burden we are feeling.


All we want is to have fun playing the game and not feeling like the game is playing us.

The developers are liking your idea. We will discuss it for a future version.

Its really a nice solution. We are facing the same issue. Excellent idea

This is a two edged sword. Sometimes the only way NOT to get wiped out by a superior foe is to slow them down with these tactics. But I understand the idea and would support it or at least discuss it.

When you are a ranked 208 Alliance what else can you do against a ranked 27 Alliance?  Conquest is like a slaughterhouse…

Yeah, that could be another possible strategy nerfed… as said above: two edged sword?

Can we please have this implemented for next Conquest already?

Can we just have less conquest… 1 every few months would be more than enough. The time involved is making people leave. The game is no longer something fun, it is becoming a chore instead … people just want to have fun and play during the time of day that is available for them. 

Why can you not just upgrade the war system??

I agree all players at flare should be forced to participate while they work amd have lives. It is ridiculous and ruining the holidays for many.

Yes.  I know flare is constantly  trying to improve conquest  and biggest issue is time needed to play

But if flare can take a break and just make conquest come after 2 wars and 2 ninjas, it would be awesome.


Then just spend some time tweaking the war mechanism.  Some folks have mentioned it before.     1. Make war boosts flexible or rotate it randomly.    Dont keep having the same boosts.    Pyro boosts with many chests and folks fight like crazy and froster boost with low chests and folks skip it.   So dull.    

2.  Allow us to choose boosts maybe from a choose that is available.     That is all.   No other major change needed and wars might get a bit unpredictable and enjoyable

Luckily in our conquest,  we have made deals,  all will reach 175 chests and decided top 3 after a few fights in 2 days.    Now relax and ignore the conquest thingy  And live ur real life.  


Conquest is no fun and I do not think you can fix. My team playing this team Rasta

and they move around from battle to battle in a second with unlimited energy to fight

and move across the board and fight again in just a few seconds. Why would anyone

want to keep playing if other teams are using some kind of cheat to move.