I'm tired .. And you??

I am exhausted. I don’t enjoy the Conquest event. But I cannot opt out of it. As the third in rank, I feel the responsibility to play and help my alliance. Given the choice, our alliance would not participate.  

Other generals have also stopped playing and have become inactive. This Conquest has made the game a chore.

Please just remove it and replace with another event altogether—something that takes into consideration that we have work and family and that we would like to be able to play the game at our own pace and time. And that whenever we want to play, it means we want to relax from all the stress in real life, NOT get more stressed.



My alliance faced high level alliance with high level headquarters than us all the time (especially now when all 3 are above us). They have more troops, more workers, more benefit. The only way my team can do to at least win chest is prevent them slaughter us by doing that strategy (try make their main force to stay on certain title as long as we can while we build towers to add point). Even by doing that strategy, we still have difficulty to gain point. Most of the time they loose the trap and attack another our towers. Personally I don’t like the idea because it will make my team more suffer than now. The stress that caused by conquest will increase when we can’t get the chest rewards (at least 4 personal chest). I have a lot of game friends long ago, but most of them become inactive now. It’s sad that they choose leaving the game to get back their happiness ?. I was happy before conquest come to this game, right now I still on the game just because of my team… for the sake of them… dunno when I will…

I just hope the game will be better asap. Good luck flare! ?

That means you are in a tier where your team shouldn’t be. The coin has two sides in this situation. When your team is the attacker, maybe the cool down isn’t required in case you win, but when you are the defender and you win, there should be a cool down.

In our situation we didn’t even attack at all. They did raid us at multiple spots, we won and even players without troops kept jumping on us, with only intention to keep us going nowhere. We won again and indeed, they jumped on the ones not online. This should be prevented. That’s why there needs to be a cool down. 

I don’t get why you guys don’t like the Conquest. It’s awesome in my opinion. Sure, it has it’s fair share of kinks, but those will be fixed in time. The rewards we receive are great in my opinion. We always need to remember that this is just a game. It’s not a job. Of course, as a Leader or General we have more responsibility, but that’s the beauty of team playing, you don’t have to do it all by yourself! In the meantime, we should just sit back and enjoy the game just to get away from reality for a while :grinning:  

I will be repetitive. You keep focusing of minor tweaks and leave us blind as to whether there is anything being done to fix core mechanics.


Tweak all you like, players are just not going to be on alert to be summoned to act 24-7. Deals will still be made, making the game unplayable for those not involved.


Players in our team are losing interest in the game, conquest is just too big of a hassle for most. It creates enormous stress in between generals and players.


Please, stop wasting time on map size, recharge speeds, donation refresh rate, and all these minor adjustments, and use that time to salvage conquest. There has been no progress whatsoever in terms of core mechanics since day 1. It is still unplayable. We do it just for the sake of rewards, and through peace deals so we don’t have to stay connected.

Main problem for players is that we aren’t married to the game. Conquest is very time demanding. At the start, players need to be online, since things need to be arranged and the fastest alliance on the map in terms of scouting finds special tiles first. 

The conquest differs from war season a lot. To declare war, only one general needs to be online, declare the war and then you have almost a day where you decide when you play. But during this conquest you actually don’t decide, the conquest demands you to play multiple times a day. A war can be started where your assistance can make difference between owning the map or getting slaughtered. When you reside in a team where many players aren’t online often, you will lose, since other teams can declare war at important places with many against a few, so then it’s even no matter of who is the strongest team.

For example, when you fight a team of a certain timezone, you can raid them in the middle of the night to be almost certain to beat them on certain spots. When they are working, you can do same. I can tell you that I never did raid on laptop till last Friday, some of my team members were trapped and a few raids from my side would win that war (I was the only one nearby!). So I was literally forced into a war when I was at my office. Some colleagues already were looking at me, why I was hitting the keyboard that fast (summoning knights). I won, but I already told other members never to ask me to do that again, ask me to raid when I am at the office. What will happen when some will get caught? Being fired? Not worth it.

And there is the problem for most players, we have a normal life too. We need to work, spend time on family, sleep. When we have time, we can relax and play. But this is opposite, it’s stress, since we are forced to play at moments we actually have no time. We are literally forced to log in, even when we are at work! Or some even stand up in the night to play. 

So this is not healthy the situation. Players want to decide when they play, now the game is dictating us to play. 

What Dena said above is just so perfect.   Allow us to play this awesome game any time we want within a 24 hour window.   It is a amazing stress buster.    But conquest is the opposite.     I have said it many times.

Anyway. We just made deals,.  Decided first, second, third in 2 days.   And then relaxed.     The other poor generals took the heat this time on planning and building.   I was enjoying my Thanksgiving and playing pro.  

We’re in this tier 5 from the second conquest and never going up after that (we began at tier 6). We always second place in current tier with all rewards accomplished by doing lobbying and that strategy with difficulty except this time when all the opponents are high level that us. I think our current opponents were from tier 4 that dropped to tier 5.

As I understand your idea was “A tile where a war just has ended, should be not attackable for several hours” means it will apply for both side (attacker and defender), isn’t it? That will applied too when we are defender and we lose right? E.g when we are defender and lost a tower in A12 then the attacker can freely move from A12 without immediately and we (the defender) can’t hold them by attacking A12 right after the war ended because that tile is on cooldown time. That will make us farm land. The attacker can move to another tower and destroy them without any worried at all. We will lose without can do anything.

You should try play conquest as generals (especially in mid and low level alliance) to know more about it. A generals who have responsibility to maintain existing alliance members. A generals who still looking at new member/s and hope can fill the chairs in their alliance. A general who devoted their all to his/her alliance without temped to move better alliance with more boost, more etc. Then you can understand what I feels.

Yes, I understand what that means. It goes even further, since nobody on that map (read, even other teams!) can jump on that tile immediately by such a rule. 

We promoted from tier 3 -> 2. So we are in pretty strong layer, considering our alliance level (56).

We were much stronger, not even declaring wars and were attacked by a technique similar like kamikaze. Those opponents knew they would lose those fights, only intention was to nail us to the ground and trying to make us upset. So from that perspective, is that fair? They even did raid with 0 troops (they ran out of troops already by constantly losing fights) and knew we would beat them fast, when a few members were online, but even if we won, the next one was ready to jump in. And that on several spots at the same moment.

Current rule is that after a war has ended, a new war can be declared immediately. If you can jump immediately on a target after a war has been lost a few seconds ago, you better would have joined that war before it was lost. Only intention to jump on a tile where a war just ended, is to keep those players/opponents on that tile. You can’t tell me you did it with intention to win, nope only intention is to keep them there for a while. 

What you gain from that? Only time. So your team members can move closer, but since that new rule is not applied, opponents use same technique to nail multiple players of you to one tile. Sounds boring for both sides, isn’t it? So why you didn’t intercept those opponents at multiple spots? that’s what we did to free our members. We did eliminate all incoming troops form that opponent, before they could jump on a just lost war.

When an opponent is much stronger, it’s only waiting for execution. They will recover energy, be with much more than you and will eventually win anyway. When you are in the wrong (read, too high) tier for your team, you should accept that your team gets crushed. It’s also good to protect your borders better. Now you can jump on those opponents all the time, while in fact you stand no chance to win. So that’s why such a rule is required. 

Maybe those players in that war should not be able to declare a new war immediately , first they should move elsewhere, before they can raid again. Then you can jump on those that moved, but not on the ones not moving (possible reason offline). Then moving away also becomes a strategy. 

Yes, it’s reasonable, because both can attack and be attacked at same situation. Imo your idea make it not fair for the case that I explained to you above. When you’re stronger you can group attacking those 0 troops player and moving all together (with this you need to online at the same time with your team) or you can predicted when you won and then online at that time to move together right away to prevent them holding you (this is happen with us all the time, they spread their players asap after the war ended so we have difficulty to hold them).


Player can move fast with little cooldown time so this added rule is not good either. They can gathering energy in that tile (that have cooldown time) and and move fast right before cooldown time ended and attack another tower. It same as if that war tile become temporary base to them.

I haven’t technically been a general in a low level alliance during a conquest, but I acted as one when I visited the alliance my brother was in (because I was only visiting for a week). I helped guide everyone and strategically place those watchtowers. I understand that it can be time consuming sometimes, but when you and the other generals get together, you can split up that time, being on the same page with everyone, and just do your part

BE CAREFUL WITH THIS!  Small players can contribute in conquest with this good strategy. Otherwise, they join fights and cause losses. So… small players do what in conquest now???  Feeble scouts?

With that suggestion you change conquest and create a new form of helplessness for the other team, who have no way to stop or slow your force from wiping them out.

I believe the balance to be found in supreme victory!  We had a weak player tackle a large force that was wiping out our left flank. The invasion force was only slowed however, they achieved supreme victory in a few hours and were loosed upon us again. 

It seems that supreme victory is troop related. And the more troops you have on 1 tile, the less skulls required for supreme victory. But still the required amount seems high many times regardless. 

If you remove the strategy to pin an enemy, now a large force can invade, spread out and destroy 75-100% of what a team has labored to build. What kind tiredness will that create???

What if there was a multiplier attached to players that corresponds his/her training camp to the amount of troops he/she receives during conquest. Or… add a multiplier for amount of players attached to a tile which effects total amount skulls needed for supreme. 

Regardless. This “tackle” tactic is not easy to do!  We achieved it once. The next time the enemy was prepared and they split apart and reeked great havoc upon us. Destroyed our road… removed our library. Please don’t make that easier for powerful enemies…

You can try become a real one then the time consuming and feels of responsibility will be much more more and more than you feels when you acted as one (Note: to be a real one you have to live a long time with them not just a week or two… perhaps half year?).

I have live in my current alliance very long time, when I was newbie (like level 20?) until now (level 118). From that time the alliance only have one time (6 hours) per day elite boost knight when there’s war until now when we have 4 permanent daily elite boost + additional boost during war, ninja, and conquest. I have faced difficulty, ease, lose, win, sadness, and happy in this alliance so this is just like a home to me. I make a lot of friends from this alliance so this alliance is so precious to me. I will try hard to make this alliance not fall apart like others low level alliance with all I have. Just like my reply to you from 1st time conquest, I spend 5k gems that time and the record repeat now with more value. However, this time my effort is not pay enough with the result that’s why I feel frustrated right now. With current cycle I can’t do the usual things like participate diamond league to win 375 gems. I’m free player so league and ninjas are the only way I can get those gems. Yeah, that’s me.


EDIT: [OOT] Recently we have unlocked Celestical Phoebe! Yeah! ? and on the process to unlock Celestical Eris ?

I’m sorry to hear that it’s very time consuming for you. Btw, I became a general in the Alpha Guard alliance only 3 weeks after I joined them for the first time! I, unfortunately, did not get the chance to see how it is to be a general in a high alliance during the Conquest, because I missed gameplay from mid April till mid August. For some reason, I was not made general when I rejoined Alpha Guard, so, once again, I didn’t get to experience it

And also, there are many ways to earn gems as a free player. I’m a free player and by myself I can get tons of gems from the wars, conquest, ninjas, daily rewards, monthly PL’s (if I’m lucky enough to get them in the chests too), and leagues of course

Not sure why you said you “can’t do usual things like participate in Diamond League”. That’s 100% not true! Well, maybe not 100%, because, I understand that you can’t do that during the conquest, but at times like right now, where we don’t have a dang thing to do until Friday, there’s plenty of time to catch up on those gems!

Our members with ‘easier’ defenses are assigned other tasks, they scout, go to positions where towers need to be build and so on. Now scouts of other teams jump on stronger players, they don’t even raid! We try to prevent ending up with lot of less strong defenses, that’s asking for losing.

I know exactly what troops mean for supreme victory, that’s why it makes no sense for zero trooped players with easy beatable defenses constantly jump on groups. If your team is too weak for an opponent, you keep losing wars or better said, you run out of troops anyway. That’s delaying your demise. That they can counter by giving terrain close to stronghold better defendable for your team only. 

It’s even worse, they jump on places where watchtowers are under construction, with only intention to keep frustrating other teams. When another team is much stronger, don’t go in war with defenses that bleed skulls. That’s asking for it. We gather enough strong players in multiple directions and if they beat us, so be it. But since we made tasks for anyone, it’s fun. Sometimes we plan a dummy raid to give players fun, it distracts opponents and before they know what happened, the actual wars take place at other places. With their strongest in a dummy war, they can’t act. At lower tiers teams don’t have only strong players, so don’t wait, act.

We also faced situation that other teams were stronger. So we did sacrifice our stronger players to raid them, 1 - 3 against 10+ players. There is always something you can do at lower tiers.

A lot of players think they deserve the rewards. If so, flare can better immediately give them. Would that be fair? Nope, you have to work for it. And when an opponent plans to wipe you of the map, is it fair that this jump on tiles just to lock up opponents. When there is a road of claimed land, the ones beaten can be there in no time, only limitation is energy.

We can also introduce another mechanism, players who lose a war, get a cool down of several hours and can’t leave stronghold. That will lead to also stopping this kamikaze technique. But of course than a player can’t enjoy conquest. So instead of constantly complaining (not you), be constructive and come up with ideas.

Do you realize that you spend gems more that you get from Conquest and Pro Leagues?? Even more you don’t get any gems from tier 5, 6, and 7 in the Conquest. Don’t make absurd list like that.

Bronze: 1 day :arrow_right: Silver: 1 day :arrow_right: Gold: 1 day :arrow_right: Platinum: 2 days :arrow_right: Diamond: 3 days. You can count yourself total time you need to reach Diamond league and total time you need to drop from Diamond league. Let’s see… for 21 days with old pattern I can earn max 2,625 gems only from Diamond league but now I can only earn max ~1445 gems. You should participate in Diamond league to know how hard it is to get 1st place. ?

ps. I even can’t do Pro League during Conquest event.

Ha…ha…ha. I’ve been playing the game for nearly 2 years. Believe me, I know how hard it is

If you truly feel like you have to spend more gems than you make, then either your not playing the game correctly (which you obviously are), or you are not in a good alliance (no offense meant). You should not have to use 5k gems on one conquest. No alliance should let that happen! That’s not playing as a team, that’s relying on one person (being you) to get the resources. If you have to spend that much, then that means that you have players that aren’t donating what they should be

I even can afford to be huge part of Saturday not being online during conquest. The team is informed, so I am at a strategic position. You can play conquest, you don’t always have enough energy to play conquest.

It depends which tier you participate. Before conquest I had 800 gems. I spend around 200 gems (not on cof, but to cover my mistakes with scrolls plus resurrections) and got around 400 after opening chests (200 from gem chests, another 200 from pro chest). From wars I received around 100 gems due to resurrections plus scrolling against my base…

It depends on the situation if it’s lucrative or not, in upper tiers risk is higher, but my team is willing to take the risk due to better rewards. If we get crushed, so be it. It’s worth the risk.

Just like I said I live in low level alliance (level 31) and I already told you my story on that alliance. Try to live like me to know why I don’t like this conquest event (you said you don’t know why some of user in this forum don’t like conquest right? I already told you the way to know how we feels, you can just do it if you want to know ?). I already told you… I as someone who has rank in my alliance have big responsibility to my alliance that’s why I spend that much gems. You still young, and need experience and time to know how to responsible to something. Hope this help you understand what I feels. ?