I'm tired of forging

I have many towers and obstacles. It takes me an hour to forge all :(. Does anyone have any idea?

A list of suggested items to Forge would be useful.

I would arrange the list into different sections:


Tower and Obstacles would have subsections for each Tower/Obstacle, and I would arrange them by most valued first just like when we retrieve a Tower/Obstacles from your Inventory.

Most importantly the list would display cool down times. That way instead of having to randomly click through your Towers and Obstacles looking for something to upgrade (that’s not a cool down).  You could just scroll down your list and start forging!

I have more than 60 towers and obstacles, more than 30 hero items. It takes me 45 minutes to forge all. Sometimes, I wish I have a button to forge all slot 1 or slot 2 of all my towers 

It takes time to forge an item. When I fail at the first time, I have to forge the second time. It’s OK to cost 500 x 2 = 1000 pearls but it’s not good to let me wait. Flare game should implement a quick button to forge the item with only 1 click. The total pearls might be 500 or 1000, depend on user luck.



It would speed things up if they did away with the failed forge farce and instead put in a lucky forge that costs half of the double forge. You forge everything twice almost every time anyway so that’s just a waste of time for waste of time’s sake.

Maerique’s idea perfectly supplements the forge progress window idea that has been asked for countless times (might even be a variant of the same thing, I don’t remember). Forging needs to be made less time consuming and annoying.

Its fun…

For example, I have 6 jester boxes. I wish I have a button to forge all those boxes by only 1 click

Would be quite handy, imo, but it can’t be added, because each forge has a different chance of being a success. For instance: It might take two tries for one Jester Box and only one for another. If you did all of them at once, it may end up causing you to lose a ton of pearls. I like the thought, but it wouldn’t work

Flare cannot add something like that. because of the success rate. Very hard to implement something like that. Imagine you have 9 spike and want to forge all. At 100 each let’s say they all fail and cost 200 each. You must have 1800 pearls or more to forge them all. So if you have only 850 you are owned and be stuck. So one by one its the best method in this game.